The Sky is the Limit

You thought this was going to be about property prices to the moon or DCC allowing 300 story skyscrapers for Dublin HA!

Looking at the sky over Ireland it has been relatively quiet. It’s the pandemic you say! Well, I dunno, is it? The rest of the world seems to be happy-out jetting from here to there and back again.

June 9th, 2021

Round about the same time, UK has clearly has a much greater density of Air Traffic at same zoom factor.

June 11th, 2021

USA June 10th

Overall the pictures paint a pattern of very high density air traffic all over the world, but Ireland almost none.

Anyone anytime can go check out the likes of flight radar 24 or one of the many others, traffic is busier again overall and Irish skies do seem a little more busy. I have no idea if the global levels are back to pre-pretendemic levels but it’s certainly been bustling everywhere else.

What makes Ireland so special?

IAA monthly flight statistics

Dublin airport traffic for May 2021 is showing here as 80% below 2019 levels
Would be interesting to see what proportion of 2019 flights are operating from other countries for comparison.

Now that you have your control, Ireland = >20% drop YoY

Look at the images or live flight radar sites.

There is your answer.

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A quick look right now, Jun 21st, 2021 (10:14)

I think it works out as >20% drop YoY

And why has Dublin airport specifically gone from handling more than 5 times as many flight as Cork in May 2019 to handling only around 12% more in May of this year?

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Fact Check-British Airways is not in ‘crisis talks’ with the government over vaccinated pilots

I suppose the number of BA pilots is so small that the anecdotal reports of four young pilots dying within a week of each other in a single airline are statistically significant. Nothing to see here though, Reuters assure me.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) said the UK aviation industry has been the hardest hit in Europe by restrictions on international travel.

Its analysis of official European air traffic data for June showed that the number of flights into and out of the UK has fallen by three-quarters compared to 2019.

The union said its study showed that Gatwick and Manchester airports were the worst affected in Europe, with Heathrow and Stansted close behind.

Remember the UK has given the first shot to over 80% of it’s population, and over 50% have had two shots.
Developments in the UK tell us everything about how this year will pan out, and the push back against restrictions, the calamity of people rushing back from holidays in Portugal etc.

Politically it is only elements within the Conservative party that are fighting against the Covid dogma across these lands. Their motivations for that, well we could speculate on that. But at least they are trying. Which is more than can said for the ‘nationalist’ movements in Scotland, Wales and most Irish, with a few honourable exceptions.

Popping these here as naturally if British Airways are having problems and other airlines have followed suit by promoting pilots ot get injected, then it would not be a giant leap to think this problem could very quickly become a real industry show stopper.

What’s that you… Pilot Shortage? Well I never… :icon_eek:


Considering the Aviation Industry the biggest threat to the Climate, to be liquidated for the proles before 2030, it’s much cheaper for the airline companies to inject the Substance instead of paying the redundancies.

Heathrow Passenger Numbers Remain Almost 90% Down From Pre-Pandemic Levels

What is going on?

Shortages? Pilot Shortages? Pilots got early workplace directive to et shot up, they got finical incentives too to get the shots. Extra Money. Then, you career, it is suddenly over a few months later because of the #ClothShot?

Vaccidents in the Sky, both pilots shot up?

Time to let AI fly. Humans are done.

If we are at the aviation industry being decimated here is another one:

“Take out Thomas Cook (six million seats), Flybe (eight million seats), Norwegian (nearly 24 million seats) – Alitalia’s reducing its fleet by 40pc. There is going to be about 20pc less short-haul capacity in Europe in 2022 with a dramatic recovery in demand.”

Time Flies


Twitter Thought Police have already labelled it misleading… the user replies:

This data comes from a ALPA - Airline pilots association’s trade magazine. It’s data sourced from their 69,000 members.

Worth reading the various replies:

ToTheLifeboats @ToTheLifeboats

Replying to @ToTheLifeboats

Found a better picture and some more data on previous years. Comes from their membership department, so not a rock solid dataset, but still noteworthy IMO.

2013: 1
2014: 0
2015: 1
2016: 2
2017: 28
2018: 1
2019: 1
2020: 6
2021: 111 in first 9 months

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The Airport chaos (or Travel Hubs) is a bit of a misdirection with plausible optics, iirc it all began ages ago with Pilot being sick and/or retiring quitting to avoid the #DeathShot

If the insurance companies won’t insure the planes full of passengers because of the jabbed pilots that explains the chaos in the world at the airports. It’s not baggage handlers, staff shortages, catering delays or refuelling delays. See through the lies.

What’s going on with all those vaxxed pilots? As stated by one of Germany’s EU PMs, there are entire crews that are 100% vaxxed; no backup unvaxxed members. And just think, Austin requires military pilots to be jabbed to the jizzle.

Unvaxxed Need Only Apply.