The Social Housing Costs Thread


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Analysis by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform last week suggests unit costs of about €200k **including **site quisition:

Estimates of the cost for 2 and 3 bed units through LA direct construction have been provided by DHPLG based on
the construction cost for units delivered between 2016 and 2017, cost guidelines for units in Q4 2017 and the
average tendered costs for units being delivered in 2018. The estimated unit all-in costs (i.e. including land costs
and excluding abnormals) within the analysis range from €175,000 to €195,000 for a 2 bed and €190,000 to
€210,000 for a 3 bed


Housing association Tuath just bought a block of 23 vacant apartments in Harold’s Cross, according to the Irish Times, at a price of €8.75 million

That’s €380k per unit of what looks like 2-bed apartments.

It seems to be below build cost too, as their CEO baldly states:

*“Buying is less risky than building, although some buildings built during the boom do have legacy issues. I’d sooner buy any day.”

He then goes on to deny that this is pushing up prices for FTBs of course:

*He rejects the suggestion that by buying, rather than building he is contributing to pricing first-time buyers out of the market.

“We’re not competing with owner-occupiers, they are not who’s buying the sort of properties we’re going for, these are only being bought up by large funds.”*

:angry: :angry: :angry:


This whole HAP thing is going to blow eventually but the REITs will have made a killing in the interim

Increase in State-funded social tenancies at I-RES REIT … tenancies/


I-RES gets an ‘enhanced’ HAP from the state if they take people who are in emergency accommodation rather than ordinary decent waiting listers. I think the ‘enhanced’ HAP is 50% higher for the first 2 years and resets to normal HAP thereafter. This is one story that is set to blow for sure. :frowning:

The ‘enhanced’ HAP also comes with a full deposit payment in advance and that at a multiple of the ‘enhanced’ HAP rather than standard HAP. Rent is paid in advance, 2 months in advance AFAIK.

I would think the state pays €2000 a month to I-Res for each of these ‘enhanced’ HAP tenants in Dublin and I-RES could have as much as €10k in the póca (3 months deposit and 2 months in advance @ €2k a month) before they hand over the keys…BUT…that is still cheaper than a hotel which costs minimum €3k a month.

Nobody has done 2 years on ‘enhanced’ HAP yet so we don’t know what happens at the end, do these people become homeless again. ???


REIT makes an average profit of 8k on each of the their properties.


I think they made 65 million last year. I wonder how much tax they paid…

Look at their board and shareholders…the usual cute hoor insiders. Except for the billionaires…

What’s that saying the French have about change…


Sure aren’t they practically tax exempt except for property taxes…from their 2017 final report:

Where as the ordinary landlord who might only have the 1 gaff must pay tax at 51% on profits if he has income over 35k from his main day job


I miscalculated , their profit was €19m for the first 6 months of this year. going by 2,600 properties that works at €8k per property, or €16k per annum er property.

from february this year where they report €65m rofits. I cant understand where the figures are coming from unless revenue and rents from rental properties are separate … t-results/


12 social housesin Dun Laoghaire for €249k each. Size is unclear but they look on the small end.

Land already owned by the Council.


Passive houses are expensive to build - especially as an infill development.


So much for the argument that the Councils could build at reasonable cost on their own land. This is insane stuff

Social homes on council land to cost €500,000 each to build
Work on 54 homes at St Teresa’s Gardens in Dublin’s inner city to start next month … -1.3636271


Saw that this morning, its nuts, more evidence of what a basket place this country is.


Irish Times reports that six nearly completed housing units for travellers are costing€1.7m plus VAT.

VAT inclusive, that’s 321,500 per unit. In Tipperary.


It’s ok, they won’t be taking them. The council screwed up and didn’t deliver the half acre of land plus two stables with each house that was allegedly promised. The travellers’ solicitor is looking into it. Meanwhile these poor folk will be forced to stick with the stables and paddocks on the temporary halting site they’ve been occupying for fifty years. … y-housing/ … 74178.html … ew-houses/


Report on Newstalk this morning where Maria Bailey TD FG claimed that social housing tenants are being told by TD’s to turn down any offer of HAP payments so as to increase their chances of getting a house. Said she had anecdotal evidence of this.

Lots of people then contacted the show to verify the claims that they too or someone they know, were told by TD’s to turn down HAP. I assume we’re talking about TD’s from the left of the spectrum.

Coleman and Cuddihy were stunned which shows you where we’re at with Irish ‘journalism’. Eventually Coleman said that perhaps Conor Skehan wasn’t too far off the mark when he raised this issue a couple of years ago.


heard the report on the way into work. had to laugh at cuddihy’s naivety as some texter claimed a certain cohort of social welfare claimants have more kids to gain more benefits and perks such as free houses. claimed this as nonsense.

my wife is a social worker and this is 100% the case but our fawning media don’t seem to have their finger on the pulse or perhaps are so afraid of the backlash wont touch anything controversial.


Cuddihy is even more to the left than most of the Irish media if such a thing was possible. The ultimate SJW. A solicitor by trade so he’s used of defending the indefensible


Next time the shinners call for somebody’s resignation over the high level of people being reported as homeless. The questions should be asked as to how many of their constituents they encouraged to refuse an offer of housing in the hope of a forever home.


Amount paid by State to private landlords soars to** €276.6m**

From Fianna Fáil’s Darragh O’Brien…

2014 €390,000 was spent on HAP payments w/ 500 households (€780 average payment)
2018 €276.6m was paid, with more than 40,000 households w/ 25,500 landlords (€6915 average payment)
2019 (projected spend) €422m, with plans for almost 17,000 more households to be added to the scheme. (€7403 average payment)

(These figures don’t make sense to me.)