The Social Housing Costs Thread

Thanks ps.

If anyone is interested in examining the figures and spec for construction I’d be happy enough to post it up and discuss it, but I’m not really interested in it becoming a flaming exercise.

Not really given the quality of homes built during the Celtic Tiger era - Why should you be any different to any of the other builders from that time period

As somebody who also has a bit of knowledge - 3k per unit appears unreasonable

Perhaps you could give rough costing for a the following in a 50 unit estate
ESB connections and the cost of a sub station
Sewerage connections (foul and ground water piping)
Broadband/Telephone/cable connections
Estate Roads that the council would be willing to take in charge

Ah yes, the mythical site of 1000 houses with little need for professional oversight - I am confident that the failings from the CT era were a result of a lack of oversight - Least we forget poor quality is usually the result of poor workmanship.

However lets stay on track - Do you accept that any private developer/builder will need to factor finance costs into his equations?

:laughing: Zero houses built for the price quoted - but you believe less oversight will result in better built quality

Are these the same electricians who were first fixing three apartments a day during the CT era - How did that work out?

Why doesn’t the State just rent out its stock to the highest bidder for each unit ? I’m sure there are units being rented at way below market value. Use the profit to build or buy more units. Get more working people and non welfare recipients into council housing schemes.

Perhaps the State isn’t capable of efficiently running such a scheme ?

Yes, I would be very happy to examine your costings - IMO 79.3k plus vat is an unreal expectation to build a 3 bed semi in today’s environment

The state does an excellent job in many areas - I am just unfamiliar with any of them :laughing:

I do think that even if it were theoretically possible to build houses at a reasonable cost, nobody would manage it in practice. A public enterprise would run thirty years and 10,000% over budget. Private developers would fling together some shoddy ruin that would be discovered five years down the road to have foundations made of recycled toilet paper. I’d be happy to have Coles2 as housing czar but he’d have to also design some sort of ball-breaking inspection scheme along with legislation that allowed time-wasters and profiteers to be summarily executed by hanging from their own lampposts.

Tax collection?

A terrace of 10 units, each 920 sqft, 3 beds. €78.5k each excluding VAT. The density is 28 units per acre including footpath and street. This is intended as an exercise to show how affordable housing can be constructed.

The design allows for no load bearing internal walls so that the layout can be easily adjusted for different family needs. The construction method is quick and cheap and exceeds the minimum building regulations.

The cost of electricity, gas and water connections are included. The cost of the access road is included, and it’s upgrade to an 8m street with 1.5m pavement. Landscaping, planting, fencing etc including.

There are bound to be errors and omissions, but it would also be possible to make savings by reducing the spec or by using a different roofing system.

Sorry, tried to post a more legible image but can’t.

Very informative. Thanks Coles.

Because Galway is different, it costs €330k per social house. :unamused:
The government is concerned over the development as the average cost of the initial 14 planned homes is coming in at twice the national average, around €330k per home. It’s understood this is due to rock breaking and the fact that road infrastructure will have to be built to allow for the further development of 55 houses. … erage-200/

That looks pretty impressive Coles. Im assuming others will now similarly put up (and engage honestly) or shut up.

From the Irish times.

*However, the council has decided the second site, a €13.5 scheme of 62 apartments at Bunratty Road in Coolock, will be used to accommodate people on the council’s general housing waiting list. The list currently stands at some 20,000 applicants.

€216k per unit.

*The smaller of the two sites, a vacant plot on Fishamble Street near Christ Church Cathedral, will have four to eight apartments at a cost of €1.5 million to €1.8 million. This will be used to accommodate homeless families living in emergency accommodation.

€225k per unit if you get eight for €1.8m.

Both stories imply that DCC already owns the land.

A social housing solution for the people, - The Irish Times (November 2015)

Plenty of interesting discussion on the 'Pin of Dominic Stevens and his work, but mostly predating the infestation of wingnuts.

Free designer houses for homeless people …hence the
Incentive for them to move to hotels and start bleating about the responsibility of the rest of society to pay high taxes for the layabouts and their kids.

That’s a very odd statement. Does he mean that Irish feminism had succeeded in making the kitchen a nicer place for women?

Yes it’s weird.

Dominic Stephens believes
" Of course, women’s place is still in the kitchen (what you expect me to cook as well as design?! Ludicrous!) - but now thanks to feminism, women are more important- so let’s put them in the centre of the house"

15 months later they must be almost finished :slight_smile:

Very odd indeed. Had to read that a few times.
What about the men who are in the ‘centre’ of the house these days…that do most of the cooking etc!

He is going to build social houses for €70k each?