The Social Housing Costs Thread


I am not surprised - Irish builders need high wages to produce a shoddy product.


Housing chief defends comments claiming some in emergency accommodation are ‘gaming the system’ … 53025.html

great video. doesn’t mince his words


fair play to him


From Eoghan Murphy:

I officially opened one of the biggest social housing projects in the country on the site of the old Limerick Clothing Factory. €19 million has been invested here to build 81 homes – 57 for elderly residents and 24 will be provided to families. It was fantastic to see this plan come to fruition and meet some of the new residents.

So about €234k per unit in Limerick, a city not known for expensive housing.

Some of these are likely to have been only one-bed given that they are for the elderly.


Here’s an update:

Plans to regenerate Dominick Street Flats in Dublin are running a full year behind schedule, with the complex of 72 social housing apartments now expected to be built by 2021.The local authority published a tender seeking a construction firm for the project this week, with the estimated cost at around €39.5 million.

Development coming in at a cool €550k per unit, on land that DCC already owns.


€9m for 49 houses in Carrigaline, Cork
mix of 1bed, 3bed, 4bed, two-storey houses


Not a unreasonable price.


All those who advocate getting the government to ‘solve the housing crisis’ need to take a long hard look at this final price.


€5m for 23 units in Clifden, Co Galway**
4 x3bed, 19 x2bed units**

Works out at €217k per unit
Govt said 2bed is €141k, 3bed is €154k to build

edit: wrote 500m instead of 5m


Vat and land cost might explain some of the difference.


Presumably these kind of jobs could be put out to tender across the EU. Or perhaps the state could arrange to subcontract the works themselves - this already happens on OPW projects as far as I know with the state using its architects and project managers.

I think builders see the government coming and up everything by 20% - this used to be true on the IT front until departments started to take things into their own hands e.g. Revenue.

One thing that might explain these differences is that the State contract might include the infrastructure and services work. In most projects the developer pays a services levy and the rest of the cost is borne by the state. So access roads, sewers etc might be included in the costs of a project. In many cases the developer pays the development levy and also undertakes the work (also at a profit) - and the taxpayer pays the difference.


Homeowners looking to protect their investment object to social housing in their area and adjacent a prestigious school. Decoy excuse is alleyways and roads are anti-social.
"The opposition from local residents has been substantial; above the norm for a planning application. There has been a constant stream of emails to the Department [of Housing, Planning, and Local Government], as well as city councillors." … evelopment


Total of 780 social houses built last year … -1.3473178

#114 … -1.3418638


I drove past the site in Bray mentioned in the OP the other day (viewtopic.php?p=901793#p901793)

18 months on and the sod is turned but not a foundation even laid yet.


More evidence Conor Skehan was’nt far off the mark with his ‘controversial’ comments about people gaming the social housing system by declaring themselves homeless … 5-Jun2018/


Max rent that Dub City Corpo can charge to any tenant in a Corpo house/apt in their area is €200 pw. Just mentioned on Pat Kenny show now


A co-op builds houses for cheap in Ballymun
A 2bed sells for €140k, 3beds are €170k and 4beds are €200k - €219k

DCC provided the land cheaply
DCC wavied its development levy (€15k per house)
Profit forgone, except for 5% … elsewhere/


I think I’d still rather this model to be the main route used to solve the social housing crisis rather than the LA’s building and then renting out themselves


Problem is that its not scale able.

Second problem is that the very poor need rental housing. They cant afford mortgages.