The Social Housing Costs Thread


HAP replaces RAS. So you’d need to add the 2 together for 2014


Thanks. I found much better data for 2014 in this report (“Analysis of Current Expenditure on Housing Supports”) from Dept of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Figures on page 12.


Plans for Fishamble Street abandoned after the costs came in a bit north of what they expected! … -1.3783193

It’s a whole other debate about how social housing in the city centre is being given to homeless families, the majority of whom I would presume are not in paid employment. While thousands of commuters travel for hours to and from Dublin to get to work, passing by these apartments!


If you draw a circle with a 1km radius around Grand Canal Dock you will probably catch 1% of Ireland’s population but 5% of its jobs.

It’s very hard to justify more social housing there, given how many people are commuting from long distances.


Not if the people in social housing is the pool from which you fish for votes!


Almost €700 million paid to private landlords in rent subsidies last year … 8-Feb2019/


The current [RTE *Week In Politics * ( has a section on housing with Eoghan Murphy (FG), Joan Burton (Lab), and David Cullinane (SF). Some interesting points made about social housing needing to be built on State-owned land as developers are engaging in land speculation and hoarding all over again. Descends into the usual slanging match, but Joan B gets in the dig that so-called “affordable” housing in Dublin 15 starts at €500k.


Couple removed from social housing list resolve dispute with Dublin council
Woman who bought €2,000 flat in Latvia to be placed on list under resolution of court case … -1.3806181

God bless the good ship ‘Irish Taxpayer’ and all that sail freely on her


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I did a double take on the first names reading it too and though to my self that I doubted they were a same sex couple :laughing:

#151 … -1.3806162
not sure which is more infuriating…


Turns out renovation is as expensive as new build in some cases.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council spent more than €200,000 refurbishing one void housing unit in Sandycove last year.

That’s about €84k per unit.


Social Housing in the Irish Housing Market


This paper traces the evolution of social supports for housing since 2004, including local authority (LA) housing, housing provided by Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) and support for renting in the private sector through schemes administered by the local government sector (Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)) and the Rent Supplement scheme operated by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Given the increased use of the private sector to provide housing for low-income households, the paper draws on SILC data to examine changes between 2004 and 2015 in the quality of housing in different sectors, as measured by problems such as dampness, lack of central heating, lack of double glazing, insufficient light and noise.

The analysis finds that the overall percentage of housing that is socially supported increased during the recession to 17 per cent from 13 per cent in the boom years (2004-2007, mainly via increased use of Rent Supplement) but dropped back towards pre-recession levels by 2015 (about 15 per cent).

The use of the private sector as a source of socially-supported housing rose from 28 per cent in the boom years to 42 per cent during the recession before dropping back to 33 per cent by 2016.

Housing quality improved between 2004 and 2015, with a drop from 16 per cent to 9 per cent in the percentage of people living in dwellings with two or more of five quality problems; the improvements were significantly greater for those living in rented than owned/mortgaged dwellings, though rented dwellings remained at a disadvantage in 2015. Improvements in quality in the rented sector were found across the income distribution.