The South China Sea Thread

There are posts in several threads about this so thought it would be easier for a single thread since this might heat up soon.
Someone is going to have to give. China is pressing ahead with the idea that it is their sovereign territory while the US is claiming freedom of navigation still holds. … 8f4f58f60d

The wiki article

Personally I think that Australia should either
A) Back off and let the US deal with it
B) Obtain a nuclear deterrence (has implications for other nations obtaining nuclear weapons)

The reason for choosing A or B is the same, as we see in the Ukraine, Syria and previously in Georgia the US will not (nor should it) risk war between two nuclear armed states for a small ally.
I read an article about how the large Australia policy would allow a large enough tax base to properly defence the continent. I cant find it but here are some relevant articles … fence.aspx … 226-gn4bw0

Yea. I’ve posted about this on a few threads before too. … 45271.html

It’s all about flexing muscles, prospective mineral wealth and control of a major shipping route. I hate these kind of stories. Can’t we all just get along? :frowning:

Why is the South China Sea contentious?

Yeah, its unnecessary nonsense really, leave the shipping lane alone and joint venture the resources. Be cheaper in the long run but no some idiots want it all for themselves.
With all the trade the we, (the west), do with China it is easy to forget that we are dealing with a dictatorship that oppresses its people. Any dictatorship is inherently evil due to its lack of accountability. Lacking the check and balances a people impose at the ballot box.

Just looking at a map the Chinese claim is fairly stretching it. But they are being very firm.

Bad bad bad … afd26faefa … q8irf.html … 22504.html … sea-ruling … ue/7643444 … lia/#page1

Rounding Up The Chicoms - →

Unrelated will probably get there sooner or . . .

Australia has moved 1.5 metres in 20 years - and GPS can’t keep up → … t-keep-up/

I think China or Russia for that matter can really highlight weaknesses in mutual military alliances/pacts through action in Ukraine or like the example above if China shot down a RAAF plane or sunk a Aussie naval ship/submarine…really what is the US going to do apart from sanctions…the Chinese may believe it worth it if they think the reserves are there. They are putting alot into this.

The Aussies need to go nuclear or stay out of this. All or nothing, this is a high stakes game that only some can play with the quasi immunity nuclear weapons bring.
If there was ever military action between nuclear armed countries that didnt lead to nuclear war then it is both a blessing and a curse. A genie you cannot put back in the bottle that opens the doors for lots more open warfare and changes the balance or world power forever. Only those crazy enough to actually use nukes have the power in these games.

I think China needs trade with the US and the rest of the world far more than the other way around, so if the US played it right they could push China back, of course the quality of leadership in the US and the west in general has been in long term decline for decades, so don’t expect the US to be clever

I doubt they would want to go nuclear, they will just stay close to the US like Japan, Korea, ect, which will work for a while longer

There is a hell of a lot of chatter about this story the last few weeks…

Have a bad feeling Xi may miscalculate again it it goes kinetic sooner rather than later. Given speed of events in HK recently we might see the first serious PLA move in a matter of weeks to months.

The guy works for a pro Taiwanese thinktank but his background research looks good. Definitely not a pro CCP guy.

The thing is China is adding a European sized Navy to it’s fleet every couple of years. But they must know that these can all be sunk by drones - can you imagine an anti-ship missile that goes under the water for its final approach ? - it makes every ship sinkable in a “hot” war. The Exocet was 40 years ago. If Argentina had 20 of them they’d have won. Imagine the weapons they have now.

So this must be about blockading Taiwan and daring anyone not to break the blockade. Do a Cuban missile crisis on Taiwan, but peacefully take it over. They’re all Chinese after all. I imagine Taiwan is riddled with spies.

MI5 warn us again about China, also admit that they didn’t need spies to find this out.