The Speed Of Science

Like Warp factor Science speed?



The “science” said that you had to get this vaccine to protect the most vulnerable in society. This was the narrative that was forced down our necks, but yet the entire time they knew it was a lie.

Whose palms were greased by Pfizer and the vaccine companies in all this?

John is not happy. Not happy at all…

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RTE was at the very fore of pushing vaccines on the public, ramping up fear daily and shaming the unvaccined
Dee Forbes should resign immediately for the complete failure of RTE’s reporting and investigation of Covid vaccine agitators

Surely about time to push harder?

I think it is a mistake to assume the implied concept of the desired outcome per your words, is the same as the desired outcome that became the actual outcome.

The failure as you see it was a consequence of EVIL’s success for a period.

“science is their religion”

It often feels to me as if Vaccine-sceptics live in a status of immense frustration, where everyone they know online seems to realise what a massive story something like this is, while the rest of the world either ignores it, or covers it up, or doesn’t appear to care. “Why aren’t there massive protests?” one person asked, online, yesterday. The reason for that, unfortunately for the sceptics, is that many people consider this something of a non-story. Your correspondent is in that camp.

To explain why that is – to my eyes – a non-story, let’s pose this question: Suppose you, a vaccinated person, are locked in a room with someone who has Covid-19*. You do not catch the virus.*

In that scenario, has the vaccine prevented infection? Or has it prevented transmission? Or are those two things functionally indistinguishable? If it is true – for the sake of argument – that the vaccines reduce your chance of infection, then they de facto, as a matter of certainty, reduce transmission. You don’t need a separate testing regimen to uncover that, because every infection eliminated is also a transmission prevented.

Who’s pulling your strings?

In fairness he did always report about the issues of coercing consent & civil liberties with the vax pass. Gript also reported on other stories like the deaths in vaccinated people in autumn 2021, when very few other outlets did.

But he does downplay other red flags:

  • The vaccine hasn’t prevented infection or transmission.
  • Even early reports showed a 2-3 week window of increased infections post jab
  • Masking has dubious benefits & is detrimental to physical & mental health.
  • VAERS reports are up - you can argue it’s an imperfect system but it is the official monitoring database. Either it is fit for purpose or the US is negligent in not having a system for for purpose.
  • The latest booster was only tested on 8 mice.

5 days on and a challenge to one and all.

Can you link to any and all of the coverage of MEP questioning of Pfizer rep as any kind of story in the Menace Stream Media Ireland Inc. branch?


Here’s a search of Paul O’Neill’s Irish Timeservers for ‘Rob Roos’

It diverts to some articles about rugby
But none that mention Rob Roos
None that mention Janine Small
None that mention Pfizer
None that mention the EU parliament

So either it’s a lousy search function or a lousy website for Irish news
You decide

Keep searching folks. Post below into any search engine, tailor as you need. Try as many sites, see three examples for rte below: Pfizer MEP transmission

Change the site, change the term. Folks we need all hands on deck here!

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There is this. A somewhat worried chap I would suggest. And the comments.

Its been fact checked so…

As usual agent smith fact checkers fact-check technique is to investigate a fake question and not the actual real question.

Still no vaccine.

She answered his question.


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Any links to coverage in the Irish Menace media to be had, anyone?

Reuters applying the headline spin with two components.

  • Fake question, strawman #1
  • makes bold statement - intro Strawman #2

Fact Check-Preventing transmission never required for COVID vaccines’ initial approval; Pfizer vax did reduce transmission of early variants

Deeper down in that piece after lots of red pilling the world here is the key exchange.

In the video, Roos then introduces the testimony clip showing himself first asking a person identified as J. Small of Pfizer for a “clear” yes or no answer to the question, “Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested for stopping transmission of the virus before it entered the market?”

Small responds, “No” and explains, “we had to really move at the speed of science to understand what is taking place in the market.”