The spinning and rewrites continue

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  1. The DoF turned a blind eye and went back to sleep.
  2. We had Honohan criticise the governments handling of Anglo while in China, why must officials of the state go abroad to criticise the status quo here?

This bullshit just doesn’t wash.
Sorry Kevin , but a bunch of amateur Interweb numbskulls here, having taken the most cursory look at the figures were saying that the bankers were full of shit back in 2006.

You swallowed the bullshit whole because of incompetence.

Regarding Point 2. would be becasue international media would have reported it back to mother country unspun. It didn’t stop the like of Frank Fahey & co. tell more lies and untruths in relation to all of Anglo.

It gets better…

What this tells me is that Cardiff et al knew just how catastrophic the situation was at Anglo and sent the juniors to the meeting to give themselves plausible deniability. The fact that the Anglo presentation was little than a roadshow powerpoint presentation, in contrast to the most substantial presentations of the other banks, tells me that Anglo were just going through the motions too.

Now what is interesting is that although all the people who should have known did know that Anglo was a monumental train wreck they still seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about “fixing” Fingletons INBS. If they were more worried about INBS than Anglo then what exactly where they trying to “fix” at INBS?

We know what to get Kev for Christmas…