The Students are coming the students are coming or are they?


The Landlords have long pitched renters against the possibility of renting at a higher price to room-sharing students. But I for one don’t see them lining up for flats in the D4 D6 heartland. UCD has an increase in Digs (the home from home option).


This year UCD expect approx 20500 students, but have only 2500 accommodation places.

Even assuming a portion of them stay at a family home in commuting distance of Belfield, that still leaves a whole lot who will be looking for rental accommodation in the vicinity. I’d expect a lot of the rental properties in the vicinity to be taken up in the next month or two.


Students now have options such as the Alliance and Herberton…some of the places I lived or viewed while in college could easily feature in Prime Time exposés


The number of students attending colleges will be pretty much the same year on year but the number of rentals has significantly increased. I suspect it will be the landlords of the past offering sub standard flats that will lose out


That would be a real positive of the housing climate, I have never got to grips with why renting is not protected more by law.


becasue teh “law” doesn’t care… as the law i.e. Police Force are the old time landlords still in the market in force who picked up the gaffs for nohting over the years.


Theres actually massive demand for reasonably priced shared accomodation in central Dublin as well as D4, D6 and D8 at the moment. Up to 20/30 people a go turning up to view single rooms in these areas. Im not sure about fully vacant apartments or houses or indeed about shared accomodation in outlying areas. I can only assume that much of the demand is coming from students.


I’m guessing that any Students that are coming have now arrived.

The number of 2 Beds for rent in D4 has continued to rise, new record highs in the last few days.

This things isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.



There are a lot of new commercial ventures specifically targeted at the wholesale supply of student accomodation.

An STD/alcholism promotion levy should be imposed on these developers who are playing social havoc on young peoples’ lives (and indeed the lives of the residents who live in the vicinity of Butlin’s – think Dartry Road residents).

Don’t know how such places get planning permission (actually, I probably do…). A mass transient and inconsiderate student population can hardly be perceived as being a vibrant, wholesome and proud community. Such money-making ventures that result in urban ghettos (cos that’s essentially what they are) should be banned. I say distribute the students more appropriately in the wider population.


So they can annoy everybody! :smiley:

I jest.


First confirmation I have seen that there is not going to be a return to the numbers of international students next year at least. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the likes of Belfield and the rest of the purpose built student blocks that have been flying up.

Simon Harris today:

He said he believes this is possible due to the 2,000 additional places available next year and the expected reduced numbers of international students.

Less of the international ones are expected to come next year