The Sun


Might need these 8)

Why did I post this?

Well that looks mighty big (x 2) and the weather outside my window. The second one you see I believe is to hit earth Friday eve maybe US time. So I wonder is it heading our way and wtf is really going on like with everything… I mean REALLY going on! :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me be first.

You posted this because solar flares might wipe out life on earth and the government are saying nothing about it? BUT, the government are actually talking about it, on fox news. So that can’t be the reason.




Might be worth taking a leaf (ahem) out of Tricky’s book: … ath-exists

#5 … flare.html

Hit full screen on the video.


There’s a giant ball of plasma in the sky. Magnetic field lines wind up and become contorted inside the plasma ball due to plumes in the convective layer of the ball, and their displacement by the ball’s rotation. Where the field lines break through the surface, you get sunspots and sometimes coronal holes. A fast solar wind exits through the latter. Giant electric discharges up to a trillion amps connect adjacent sunspots, and plasma is funneled along these. Sometimes adjacent arcs collide and snap like an elastic band, due to a poorly understood process called magnetic reconnection. This can lift large blobs of material high into the solar atmosphere and possibly onto a collision course with earth. There are about three flares a day during periods of high activity and they can release the energy equivalent of 160 billion megatons of TNT. Anything else I can help you with? :smiley:


I see some suggesting there is a correlation with earthquakes and sun activity.

I was looking at this last night and there where about 3 sizable one but there have been more since then. Since then there has been an 8.2 in some sea I’ve never heard of but I haven’t a clue if this is a typical 24 hours of quake activity across the globe.

There was a suggestions that from about 20th May to sometime in june of this year there would be an increased risk of Earthquake & Tsunami due to a ramp up in Sun flares / Activity.

All I knwo is it’s freezin cold outside! :confused:


Dear OW its my birthday next week…should I bring the celebrations forward :frowning:


That’s what they WANT you to think.


Lets see what suspicious observers have to say about it.


Happy Birthday! See this is the point, you can’t rely on the weather! :smiley:

No one picked up on that.

I spoke to a farmer. This year seems to be an enigma. Last year was a disaster. We know the lack of feed for the animals is causing massive problems but and correct me if I am wrong here, they are not able to grow any for next year? Is this true representation of what is going on. Seems his father also a farmer and of 75 years never saw the like of recent weather. Is it unusual or normal in the great scheme of things.

What is this phase. MY imagination and that of others. If tangible how is it affecting us and is the sun a primary driver of these uncanny times in ways many never imagined.

This thread is about the sun and humanities relationship with it. Right now we have eyes trained on it. There is a movement on the net to train tens of thousands of people to watch the sun actively. Haven’t looked into it too deeply but it sounded interesting.

The Sun. I’d be happy if we saw it a bit more.

This thread is dedicated to sun watching, past present and future.

Here is a chair that belongs to Geroge Washingotn and on it there is a depiction of a rising or setting sun sun with what looks like a mushroom a top.


I watched that early this morning and meant ot post it. It seems it’s mostly a youtube video rehash of the nasa space weather report for the most no?


Reminds me of a Chief Wigum quote from the simpsons:

“Good luck, Ralphy. If your nose starts bleeding, it means you’re picking it too much. Or not enough”


A summary,

Swaying buildings…

The popularity of Russian Dashcams is great! - … d7qhARktCA


Maybe. I don’t follow that channel. Got a link?

There is an imminence in his delivery though. Be safe :wink:


What starts out as vision soon becomes manipulated into a cacophony of distress, leaving only a sense of decadence and the unlikelihood of a new synthesis.
As wavering phenomena become clarified through frantic and academic practice, all that is left is a summary of the darkness of our future.


Thanks OW, my wife was in West Cork on Tuesday and came back sun burnt, I was up in Mayfield in Cork today, and in the sunshine it was lovely when the sun went in it was FREEEZING, Growth around the country is still weeks behind.


Excellent prophecy. I interpret it thus: although the moon landings were faked, there really was a rocket launch. But the Saturn V’s were on a mission to the sun instead. They installed plasma cannons at the earth-sun L1 Lagrange point so that anything coming from that direction could be blamed on the sun. Some years later the plot was uncovered but the Illuminati put out the story that the cannon platform was the SOHO solar observatory. Now the lizards are free to shoot at anyone they please, anytime they please, and they are also putting out a story about a causal link to earthquakes so that they can also set off the artificial earthquake generators that they have buried at strategic locations around the globe.


Actually, I was just testing the Arty Bollocks generator. Wanted to see if anyone would notice, given some of the stuff in the Piston :unamused:

Good analysis though :smiley:


That’s a really interesting site. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the moment. What starts out as hope soon becomes corrupted into a carnival of distress, leaving only a sense of undefined and the possibility of a new order.

As momentary forms become undefined through emergent and undefined practice, the viewer is left with a statement of the inaccuracies of our existence.