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That reminds me of the thread about the relationship between Jungian archetypes and urban spaces.

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You swallowed the cover story hook, line and sinker.

The earthquakes will actually be triggered by stolen nuclear warheads, masterminded by a man with a cat living in a hollow volcano. The Pentagon have never admitted that all of their nukes were stolen in 1969, because it would undermine their credibility (and their budget). The last twenty years of the cold war were just a bluff.


Wrong. That’s what the cat wants you to think. Has it ever occurred to you that the feline form is a perfect disguise for a lizard dressed in rabbit fur?


Big Earthquakes Create Global-Scale GPS Errors -> … uakes.html


Considering that my Geography teachers way back in the 70s told us all about plate tectonics, movements of the crust, continental drift, seismic shock events etc - why is this such a surprise to (presumably) much more learned folk with much more gadgetry 40 years on?
I still remember a quote - “We are all floating on rafts of rock” or somesuch from those dim distant days - the rock rafts have hardly been nailed down since without us knowing!


It’s pretty depressing stuff, really, isn’t it? I read today that projections for sea level rise are based on million year old cliffs off the west coast of the US that ‘prove’ that we’ll have massive sea-level rise… no account had been taken in these projections of land surface change…

I believe that humans are indelibly changing the environment and the rate of change is too fast. Bad science is really unhelpful.


5cm of sea-level rise in southern Britain and southwest Ireland in the next century will be from glacial isostatic rebound. Scotland and Northern Ireland are still rising from the removal of ice from the last glaciation, and both islands are pivoting around their middles. (Of course, they measure all that with GPS :nin )





It’s an El Nino year, with the Sun on its way to a very deep minimum in another couple of cycles, that’s all.

Whether there is any causal link between the 11-year solar cycle and either the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or the El Niño/Southern Oscillation is another question entirely.


Long overdue bump. I didn’t like with the new format when the site changed over a few years back and disappeared not long thereafter. But I remembered recently that I did make a post referring to Suspicious Observers and Space Weather here at one point. Searching, it doesn’t appear that there has been any further posts relating to the channel/community.

Has anyone else become more interested in this topic in the last few years?


Did you get the injection and can now see the magnetosphere and thus use it to navigate even in the dark, but you’re noticing it has suddenly begun to decline in ways you never imagined and are now fearful you will never be able to make it back from the local Spar without using GPS on your phone, but what if a solar flare knocks that out of the sky, do you think Star Link will save you/us all?


First jab done. No superpowers yet unfortunately. I figured I’ve put enough crap in my body over the years it wasn’t going to choose that particular hill to make my stand.

I don’t think there will be any saving in Ireland anyway (larger countries will need to save as many as possible if they hope for a quick rebuild) and a flare could be just the start of it by the looks of it.


So you think the pandemic is prep for bigger event eh? 12,000 year cycle resets and all that jazz?

Got some links?


Personally, I don’t believe Covid was any kind of prep. I think it was a messy F up by a Chinese lab.

I’ll start with the Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas that was de-classified by the CIA in the last few years. It seemed to have been a shot in the arm for catastrophism as a field.

I didn’t read it all as a lot of it was based on theories from yesteryear but the pretext is well founded.

Ben Davidson published his own book on the subject which I’ve read. (He needs a better editor and you’d want to be up on the nomenclature to catch a lot of it. For more easily digestible content he also has a disaster playlist on youtube outlining the cycle. There’s no certainty as to how things will pan out. I’ll outline my own thoughts at another point:

I’ve looked at various topics like ancient civilisations, similarities globally among them and the technology that would have been required to achieve their feats. At this stage I believe humanity has advanced and been reset multiple times in the past. Humans have lived through literal hell on earth and done well to survive these. Look up the squatter man that appears on rock art around the world.

Instant freezing of mammoths with food still in their stomachs - . This could have been a result of a sudden injection of stratospheric air (caused by a CME hitting the sun facing side of the earth) played out to a lesser extent in China recently . The stronger theory is that the crust shifted (Einstein speculated as much) putting places thousands of miles away from where they were relative to the their original latitude.

It won’t be just a solar flare. Not going to run down the conspiracy theory route too much but the Americans have likely been prepping for some time. Other nations also at this stage.

In terms of the persistence of a great flood appearing in almost every significant religion and the search for evidence. Look at the eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure). Sea shells hundreds of miles inland. Locally I’ve often heard a story or two of shells being found in Irish quarries many miles from the sea.

How’s that for a rambling post?


Einstein wrote the intro to Hapgood’s book. Yes, I’ve read a lot too, mainly led to it by a forum/board and S0 channel. Have read Chan, have Hapgood, Velikovsky and Ben’s new book. Also Hancock and various archaeology / History, mythology used to be an interest in my teens/twenties but a while ago now. Pole is whizzing towards Siberia all right.

Simple (well, huge X) flare is one thing. Even a solar micronova with ejecta. But his theory also has core/mantle disassociation :grimacing: even at our latitude I wonder how big the tidal wave over the country will be.

I’m in and around fifty, if it is coming I don’t know that I’d be fit enough to survive tbh. So I touch back on it (Barnards & Proxima Centauri have flared) but it’s a huge doom pill and I doubt I’d get room in a shelter, or be able to build one myself…


Totally agree about the editing btw. He did sell the PDF one day only, wish I’d just gone for that!


Sounds like you’re probably better read than I am. It’s reassuring to have a discourse with someone that has actually looked looked into the subject. I’ve spoken to friends and family about it but it has generally been the glazed look I get back. I don’t mention it anymore to them. Like yourself I wouldn’t be inclined to worry too much about myself (except for having kids that are a long way from being able to mind themselves).

It’s no guarantee that I’ll live until a crustal displacement event. But a world without electricity is more likely first IMO. The field strength looks like it’s only heading one way for the next decade or so before eventually either reversing or flipping back. I know we’re not dealing with a bar magnet, despite it being used for a simplified illustration of the earths field, but the counter force of the other pole gets stronger the further along you deviate from 0 degrees before the final rapid acceleration. I certainly don’t expect a linear decline in field strength at this point.

In terms of a tidal wave. It would depend on the direction of the crustal shift on how much Ireland could expect. I’m not nuanced enough on the subject but I think there have been some calculations based on the speed of the earths rotation to work out the momentum of the water if the crust simply stopped. The nature of the wave in such a case would be a rapid run up in the form of a surge, like a 1 metre every couple of minutes. Not one massive wave face hundreds of metres tall for example.


Agree about solar activity uptick and flares in advance - another Carrington event equivalent would knock out power & electrical grids. Plus Ben keeps pointing out the waning magnetosphere. How much radiation would get through if it does collapse, even briefly?

Hard to know what to do. In other countries, there may outback or areas well of the beaten track to go off-grid, but in Ireland? Even if I did manage to make a self-sufficient off-grid homestead (honestly, have a lot of skills but not these ones, did buy some books tho!) defending it if all hell does break loose would be another matter.

Brings me back to would I just buy a boat… but then food supplies :woman_shrugging:


It’s at times like this that I wish PS2 hadn’t lost patience with all the mad conspiracy nutcases and was still around to give us some of his informative, educational and entertaining posts about astronomy and physics. :cry: