The Super Tuesday NAMA thread - (30/03/10)

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First up, BoI and AIB given another 30 days to recapitalise themselves. Come back next month…

edit: courtesy of Today FM news, 16:00.



Lenihan due at 5pm


Fuckin’ hell, 47% on average!

Eamonn Gilmore making the speech of his life.


EU must have insisted on that…


Gilmore to Cowan. “We suffered a double whammy and you are the second whammy.”


Still too low !

Should be 50-60% off the top.


Wow 47%


58% at Nationwide!


O’Snodaigh on Headshops… :unamused:




#14 … nsfers.pdf


This is tier 1 capital under Basel II, not Basel III?


Do you believe Anglo was BETTER RUN than Nationwide ? :open_mouth:


Does it matter what discount the government is getting from the building societies when Government is going to be taking ownership of them anyhow. The sharp discounts on their loan book is just naked transfer pricing but makes the headline figure of 47% sound more respectable while still giving BOI and AIB every chance of avoiding nationalisation courtesy of overpayment through NAMA for loans transferred.


Shane Coleman on the last word, today could be the day we start to get it right. There have been some similar statements to that over the last few years.


Gilmore asking cowen why is there time at end of session for government clapping itself on its back for a job well done



Today’s the day the country admits it is bust.