The Super Tuesday NAMA thread - (30/03/10)




Karl Whelan and Brian Dowling making the very reasonable point that there is a very good chance these are the best NAMA loans on the banks’ books. Ugh.


Why does the Anglo figure have ‘latest estimates’ on it ???

How long do we have to run the shaggin place before we know what we owe ?


The same Shane Coleman who wrote this as discussed here?


So when you add up the recaps, we are investing over 30 BN (probably) in exchange for 16 BN of assets (liabilities)?

I’d use the suicide smiley but it ain’t funny!


It’s a new dawn. Coleman is always gonna try and spin it for his buddies in FF.


A post on points out that:

43% of total assets to be transferred to NAMA are land.
But only 21% of today’s transfers are land.

So, yes, the worst is yet to come.


Death to Ireland.


Hmmm. Say someone had offered security in different juristictions on the same assets, as you noted elsewhere. :smiley:


Unfortunately they haven’t broken the discount down via asset class so its unclear.



How can AIB Investment Management be allowed to make up 33% f the SPV? Anyone else see that before? Sorry if its old news…


3.2 BN in Britain in the first tranche…


It’s starting to look like the ECB / EU interpretation of LTEV is mark to market low plus maybe 20%?

Plus the majority of loans at Anglo, and a very big chunk at AIB and BOI are turning out to be essentially unsecured non recourse debt which is why they are coming in so low.

And so the stoke unravels a little bit more…


1200 loans in the first tranche… 1.3 BN on developments only 30% complete…


I’m sure its nothing to worry about, Irish politicians and Civil Servants being so on-the-ball and honest 'n everything…


Interesting move in EURGBP today. Basically fell steadily from .9 at 8am this morning to 0.888 at 4.30pm. The talk is it was all BoI unwinding it’s sterling hedges.


Lennys on now…


“real confidence on the international stage…” Get off the fucking stage Lenny!

Money talks, bullshit walks… If there was any confidence someone would have snapped one of these zombie fucking banks, you plank!