The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


To start a thread I should have started weeks ago here is one Swedish immigrants take on the issue.


Seems to be a Jewish documentary and it reminds me of the area I grew up in in the 90’s as the issues are identical but maybe less guns with a bit more gangs of new york thrown in, though I haven’t seen any horses yet. :confused:


That article should be sent to every TD, journalist and broadcaster in the country…


That’s pretty shocking and it’s only going to get a hell of a lot worse. Wait till Europe takes in millions more Middle East and African migrants. The future of the continent looks pretty grim. XX


Ireland has 17% foreign born people living here which is higher than Sweden although the majority of those are from within the EU.

Sweden still operate an open door policy (1000 per day currently + family in the future), these constitute a considerable voting block now and into the future making a change in policy less likely.


Just shy of 300k British people living in Ireland. The number looks far smaller with those removed.


That’s not a bad idea DD. I think we should start with the Welsh.


Get rid of the Cornish first! The average skin tone of the country will improve (no more pasties!)



Yes, but they would include Adam Clayton, The Edge, Shane McGowan, Andy Irvine, Donovan…even Paul Brady and anyone else born in Northern Ireland, and now living in The Republic. I could go on and include many more musicians…and then there are the actors - Jeremy Irons, Daniel Day Lewis etc…not quite what is meant by “foreign nationals.”


The CSO figures for 2011 show 212k living in the Republic who were born in England and Wales, 58k born in the North and 17k who were born in Scotland. Of course many of these can rightfully claim an Irish Nationality and when you look at the number of Irish residents with a ‘UK nationality’ the number is down to 115k (2014).

We could easily take a couple of thousand Syrians refugees if we could encourage the British to go home (particularly the Welsh and Cornish).


Ahem… Re: The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration.


Yes, it includes white people born abroad. It’s what is meant by ‘foreign born’. ‘Foreign nationals’ seems to operate as a code for ‘not white foreigners’ in Ireland.




You mean we’re being swamped by Swedes? :confused: Do they count as Welsh or Cornish?


The topic is… for once adhered too!


What was the source for that 17% number? I was looking for a similar statistic a few weeks ago and the most recent I could find as 11.x%. Unfortunately I don’t remember the source where I found that.


CSO figures from 2012…(it must be over 20% by now) … 2011part1/
*The number of Irish residents who were born outside Ireland continues to increase and stood at 766,770 in 2011 an increase of 25 per cent on 2006, and accounting for 17 per cent of the population. The groups which showed the largest increase were those already well established in Ireland. The fastest growing groups were Romanians (up 110%), Indians (up 91%), Polish (up 83%), Lithuanians (up 40%) and Latvians (up 43%).


Thank you.


Barbara Lerner Spectre and her tectonic non-sequitur. Seems to be circa 90’s going documentary going by the footage quality.

So whose been leading the rollover?


Don’t forget the pig-head-fuckers. It’s not like they even need the jobs they’re stealing, they only come here for the women.