The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


Dalai Lama: ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans’ … -europeans



That’s exactly it.

Same exact thing happened in America.
People were asking why blue-collar workers would vote for Trump, it was because the DNC abandoned them.

The plight of the working class was off the agenda in favour of LGBTQWERTY rights.
When Bernie showed how popular a basic message was to voters, he was sidelined

Same is happening throughout Europe.
Basic messages are being prevented from entering political discourse, so voters are forced to swing to the right.

No lessons being learned at all.

My greatest fear is that it will end in savage bloodshed.

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The Turnips need to be careful here, do they really want to mess with the Iraqi defence minister


Globalist SAS ad asks: what is truly Scandinavian? Nothing apparently. :nauseated_face:


I assume the next one will be about how Palestinians arent Palestinian, Kurds arent Kurdish and Aboriginal Australians arent really Australian


Under the Doctrine of Discovery, legally the Aboriginal Australians/Native Americans didn’t exist.


Irish aren’t Irish, Israelis aren’t Israelis etc. etc… but yea, the next ad has already been made, didn’t ya get the memo, Resistance Is Futile


Some of ye lads are very sensitive, to be honest. It’s an ad, not the end of the world.


Better to have some sense than being dullard.

Now, would you like Pepsi or a Coke?


Who’s the Dulllard exactly?


It’s just a general observation. No need to be overly sensitive. It’s not always about you.


Steady on! I didnt suggest it was. I was just asking, generally, like.

Anyway, storm in a teacup, eh?


Yes and no and somewhere in between.


I guess a Toblerone is no longer a Toblerone, someone tell the Swiss Quick!

A growing immigrant population

The foreign population is constantly increasing in Switzerland. It rose from 14% of the total population in 1980 to 25% today. The Swiss Confederation is among the countries with the highest proportion of residents born abroad.

Whereas the country had 285,000 resident foreigners in 1951, there are now 2.1 million. The country’s population meanwhile numbers 8.5 million.

'Course some believe Ireland has a similar ratio if you included those whom are not to be counted. :ninja:

Oh noooz!!! :icon_eek::icon_cry:

All your Triangles belong to US.


And sure, who can blame them?



I blame the parents, idiots