The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


It’s been done for decades in Dublin unfortunately. I don’t think it’s a specifically ‘immigrant’ thing - it’s asshole teenage boys who aren’t supervised by adults.


Indeed. Saw it first hand in Galway more than two decades ago and heard about incidents before then.


100 cars burnt out in a part of Gothenburg in a month (as indicated in that piece) would tend to indicate that it might be a bigger problem than what went on here.


Certainly it might. When was that video recorded?


I think the point is that it’s not really an “immigrant” issue, it’s a “poor kids with no supervision” issue.

(And yes, rich kids can be dicks too, but tend to express it in different ways).


But why import the additional problem ?

We have enough of our own scum.
We don’t need any more.

The countries where these refugee’s are streaming from have low levels of literacy (and even lower among women - hmmm, I wonder why ?).

Can’t read, write or even speak the language.
The vast bulk will be unable to get jobs in Europe.
It’s just going to add to the underclass.
And then there’s that little added element called Islam to spice things up.

There is simply no way this is going to end well.


I’ve answered this on another thread - the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It’s convenient for many on this board to claim refugee == immigrant (new citizen), but that’s supposition.
Germany took lots of Bosnians during the Balkan crisis, and when it came time for them to go home, Germany sent them home.
Ireland has responsibilities under the UDHR to (1) not discriminate on the basis of religion, (2) permit people to apply for asylum or refugee status.

You can argue that Ireland shouldn’t be a signatory.


Apparently most of the Syrian migrants are highly qualified members of society such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, surgeons etc. That’s what some bloke on the radio said recently. XD


Ah fuck it lads, sure we’ll go it alone without any international agreements or philosophical underpinnings. Let’s make it up as we go along. What could go wrong, like?


That’s bullshit. Fuck you.

It’s very simple: Ireland is a signatory to the UDHR.
If that means anything, it comes with obligations.
You can act like a spoilt child all you want, but the grown ups will follow through on their obligations.


I will leave you to get on with contradicting yourself. It really is more efficient.


Not sure from the clip itself…the youtube piece says “Published on 23 Sep 2015” but I presume that was the upload date.


Actually you should listen carefully as he is articulating (if somewhat obtusely) what a lot of migrants really think about Ireland. As one of those outsider-insiders I’ve got to hear first hand what they actually think about Ireland and the Irish but are too polite (and careful) to say out loud in English to a local. Its not very flattering.

His basic point is that if you really think that Ireland can assimilate 60K plus migrants who neither share culture, race nor religion with the locals when Ireland does such a terrible job making even those of the same race, religion and culture feel welcome or part of the community.

FFS this is a country where people born and bred in Ireland who when they return after being away for more than a few years are made very aware that they dare not criticize or pass any negative comment on the country or be told pretty promptly to fuck off back to were they came from. Or the constant casual bigotry against people who have been here a few hundred years just because they have the “wrong” religion or “wrong” national identity. Thats what he was railing against.

And a load of PC platitudes by the Irish press and the media will not change a bigoted intolerant tribal culture into an open civic cosmopolitan culture.

So what Ireland will get in 20 years time will be 50k plus people living in ghettos, unassimilateable, bitter and with their kids seething at the injustice of the situation.

Yeah, its all going to work out really well.


60K or 50K plus? Where are you getting your numbers from? Do you honestly think 5 million Syrians will resettle permanently in the EU?

The word at the soirees dinatoires in Neuilly puts the number much lower than that.


I think its 14K initially. Mostly young males. So with the usual family chain around 50K plus by the time decade or so has passed. Thats the usual pattern.


Righto. Just so long as we’re clear that’s Ireland taking 10K more than currently pledged, assumes very few families, assumes everyone applies for citizenship, assumes nobody returns to Syria, assumes every application for citizenship is successful. We’ll see.


mostly young males? arent refugees from war zones women and children?


er, sometimes?


My mistake. I thought it was 14K rather than 4k…

So around 16K’ish total then. From the first round…

You dont expect thats all the Germans will try to dump on the country now that the situation has spiraled out of control.

So maybe 14K would be too far off the mark in a year or so. Lets hope not.


As I posted in the “Calais…” thread, the German President stated this weekend that his country had almost reached the limits of its capacity in terms of refugees…while the UN have warned that the inflows to date are, quote, “just the tip of the iceberg” (or to paraphrase, *“you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” *)

What’s wrong with this picture, I wonder?