The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


N.B. You may not be entirely typical.


Yeah, I have a problem with Jews alright. I can’t find any. Not religiously practising ones, at any rate. I spent years trying to get Jewish friends to take me to synagogue, only to be told “well, I don’t really practise … but I might be able to put you in touch with someone who does”. In the end I had to import my own Jew from London to take me to the synagogue in Terenure. Admittedly, there was an impressive bit of secret-handshakey-style networking as soon as he made contact – a quick exchange of a couple of rabbi names and not only were he and I invited but he was nominated as an oleh for the Torah reading. Worked out well in the end, but believe it or not I found it much easier to get an invite to the Coptic Orthodox Church in Bray from some resident Egyptians.


I’ve suspected that for some time now and you know what, I’m eternally grateful for my oddity (and also for having had the good fortune so far to have lived in societies that have never noticed it). :smiley: :wink:


I’ve found that moving into a totally rural community where nobody knows you, and sticking a giant plastic telescope dome in your front garden, gets you noticed pretty quick. Not sure if you could call it social participation though :smiley:


Moderates departing party leader and former prime minister Fredrik Reinhardt said Sweden belongs to the immigrants who come here - not the Swedes.
Then he said that the Swedes are uninteresting as an ethnic group and that it is instead the immigrants that creates the new Sweden.

“There is no native Swedish culture,” claims Swedish Ministry of Culture historian Ingrid Lomfors.

I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things.” Mona Sahlin former leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

How self loathing and suicidal are the Swedish politicians?

It’s like they are all fulfilling the schopenhauer /nietzche ideas about decadence.


Wow, what a thing to say about your own people/Nation! Why don’t they just vote to have the Danes come in and take them over again


Link ?


The links for the direct quotes can be googled- both are famous. The clips for Frederik are below. Apparently Fredrik is ‘rightwing’!

The statements was made based on the planned new elections next year and Reinfeldt confirmed Mattias Karlsson (SD) perception, that elections are primarily a vote on immigration.

– It’s an election on what kind of a country Sweden wants to be Reinfeldt told TV4.

– Is this a land owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations or is Sweden is what the people who come here in mid-life make it to be and developing it to be? He asked rhetorically.

– For me it is obvious, that it should be the latter and that an open society is both stronger and better, said Reinfeldt.

In connection with TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon” during the morning of Christmas Eve he went even further, claiming that Sweden’s borders are only imaginary.

– What kind of a country is Sweden? Is it owned by those who lived here for four generations or those made up some kind of border? He said condescendingly.

Then he said that the Swedes are uninteresting as an ethnic group and that it is instead the immigrants who create the new Sweden.

–What the immigrants do in Sweden makes Sweden, he claimed.
Article in Swedish: … svenskarna … 8Cn5V8RXhQ


The Swedes used to have a reputation for literal suicide as opposed to cultural suicide. As the rate of the former has declined, it seems the rate of the latter has increased:

It should perhaps be noted that the proportion of ethnic Swedes in the population would presumably have dropped since the 1970s due to accelerating immigration which might be one negative explanation for the improvement.


I guess some people don’t appreciate the cultural enrichment that these 3rd World migrants bring to Europe. XD


You must embrace the diversity (even if they don’t embrace you !).




I clicked on that ya bollix. A short disclaimer or even an explanation for the emoji would have been appreciated.
I am staying in a town tonight that has a very nasty racist history but even by local standards that is feckin awful shite.


Were you somehow offended by that video? :unamused:

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Aren’t you an immigrant?




Are you now playing the man (or woman) and not playing the ball?
Is this an ad hominem type of approach rather than really addressing the point?

Certainly, the major lack of fair debate on the taxpayer, and, advertising, and, licence fee funded state broadcaster is a major issue with regard to the immigration agenda at the moment.


Lets see, someone who comes from an advanced western nation with an illustrious tradition of making major contributions to western civilization and a long tradition of very successful integration into any host countries they have emigrated to versus someone who is most likely an impoverished illiterate peasant from a totally backward region that has made little contribution to world civilization since the Byzantine collapse of the 7’th century and who have a very long tradition of non integration, high crime and high dependency rates, a totalitarian religion and who cause deep disruption to any western countries they have emigrated to in the last few generations.

So what was your question again?

And yes, RTE is little more than rabid pro illegal immigrant propaganda by this stage. Financed by a de facto poll tax. The IT is little better, but at least people are not forced by law to buy it.


I don’t mean to play the man, and I enjoy mightyz’s contributions. I just think it’s ironic that an immigrant is complaining about immigration. (I’m an immigrant also btw).


It is a documented observation in the USA and Europe that settled immigrants can be equally or even more opposed to continuing immigration than indigenous populations. In some cases that’s because there’s a deeper recognition of the benefits of the host country and a more zealous defence of them. In other cases, people have fled political and religious factionalism and the observation that Western secularism is increasingly under threat by importing these issues is bound to cause concern. Overall I think there’s a lot less complacency amongst immigrants even if only because they are closer to the motivations (and sometimes shenanigans) which are involved in migrating.