The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


Yeup. Just ask any legal immigrant to the US what they think about illegal immigrants. Unless they have a vested interest (like DD) you will find zero support for those who jump the queue and ignore the law. Following the law is time consuming, expensive, nerve wracking and often heart breaking so basically fuck those and their smug middle class supporters who ignore the law. Build a wall and ship them all back to their own counties. Maybe they should put their very obvious energy and work ethic into fixing their own countries first before importing their cholo, charro and caciquismo culture and screwing up other countries…

A simpler solution for the US is to simply apply Mexican illegal immigration enforcement standards to all Mexican illegal immigrants in the US. If you want to see real brutality you should see how the INM police in Mexico treat illegals from Central America. There is a very good reason why the Central Americans try to reach the US and not stay in Mexico. And its not just the higher wages, free medical treatment, free schooling and welfare…


From a psychological point of view it’s fascinating to watch Sweden make a humongous mistake when it comes to immigration, then completely ignore the (unfortunate) evidence, as it goes against their ‘beliefs’.


Its coming soon to Ireland

Do you really think Germany will keep all the “Syrians” Merkel invited in, or do you think the thousands of Africans landing in Italy every day will stay where they are


Yea but it’s not, cause… the OP Alanis! :unamused: XD


That’s a rather sinister anecdote about the school system, which is what is essentially underway here now fwict and I would say will become a wider spread phenomenon. Hipster barrista’s will be shopping you in when you try to pay cash in 10 years… or say you offer your child pocket money, they’ll look at you with a “WTF Da…I’ve activated my police app you’re grounded old man”, if they are even allowed call you Dad or father or whatever.

Also that “white privilege” malarky thing is like the new “catholic guilt” afaics, which is nothing less than heavily pumped dogmatic bullshit of the worst and most regressive kind.

Aww man the baloney the young’ are being programmed with is appalling and the worst thing is it’s self programming. The tyranny is brilliant in its operation, it’s makes you believe you wanted it all along. You can’t separate your own critical thinking heart and mind form the voices of choices whispered in your ear. I can see how it was pushed at our generation but it’s far far worse now, it was more subtle but more importantly there were less differentiated channels for it to spew forth from in the 90’s but now, now it’s hyper-media-ville with the advent of the internet and rapacious tech dev (don’t forget whose toy that was we were allowed to play with).

They are coming for all the childrens childrens children now. Make no mistake about it.

#86 … S-fighters


A SWEDISH council wants to give ISIS fighters state-financed driving licenses and housing grants to stop them from committing acts of terrorism.

Around 140 Swedish people have returned to the country after fighting for terror organisations in Syria and Iraq.

Lund County, in south Sweden, is now considering giving the jihadi defectors incentives to reintegrate into society.

The mooted benefits are housing grants, help to re-enter the workforce and free driving licenses.

Lund County’s municipal co-ordinator against violent extremism, Anna Sjostrand, said her region would deal with the returned radicals the same way they would deal with criminals attempting to reenter society.

Ms Sjostrand said: “When the subject first came up, we thought ‘Oh God, how should we handle this?’

“But we pretty quickly realised that we should deal with [people defecting from ISIS] in the same way [we deal with people defecting from criminal gangs]

The approach has been supported by a report by the national coordinator against violent extremism.

Author of the report, Christoffer Carlsson, said that a person who wants to leave extremist environments often need support to be able to do it.

Mr Carlsson said: “It’s a straight social, economic and material question. You need to be able to reintegrate into the job market, you may need to have a driving license, debt settlement and a roof over your head.

“When people leave, they want to leave for something else, and if they don’t have resources it might be difficult to do it.”

Mr Carlsson also said was a huge possibility they would not be able to leave the extremist organisations if they did to receive support.

He added: “[Without support] they might make an attempt and fail because they have nothing to keep them out and there is always something to return to, namely the organisation they left.”

Other councils in Sweden have also debated if they should take the same approach to reintegrate returning jihadi fighters.

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I can only laugh at this. Sweden is beyond salvation.


Sweden’s policies are those of Soros. I’ve had a read through his Open Society dreck and one of the major thrusts is that there is no such thing as a criminal, only someone who you and I have failed to embrace. All these Islamic State guys need is a hug and a fresh chance.


They deserve the outcome they are seeking.


If only it could be contained in Sweden and not impact ourselves!


The gates are wide open. Sweden is just the Canary in the mineshaft. Many democracies i.e. Belgium et al are failing as they attempt to play Paddy nice guy when in fact they are being taken for the idiots they are.

Australia fought the battle of protecting it borders only for the prime minister Tony Abbott to be ousted by a less effective colleague i.e Malcolm Turnbull who has slowly wasted away the former Abbott’s majority and has become hamstrung in government.

Most western government are failing miserably in dealing with the refugee/ asylum seekers situation, and as they pussyfoot around seeking a solution, the knocking on the door continues. Nice guys finish last.

#92 8DD


New figures from a Swedish government agency show that the country’s economy is comfortably outpacing European giants like Germany and Great Britain. … ime_trends
Crime rates down over last 10 years while


Employees of our National Airline doing their bit to help ease the passage of migrants through our borders. (Extraordinary development when you think about it. The implications for airport security are unthinkable.) … tion-scam/
*Three people have been arrested as part of an investigation into an international illegal immigrant smuggling network through Dublin Airport. Two of those arrested are believed to be Aer Lingus employees at the airport. Officers at the Garda National Immigration Bureau believe the scam has been running for years and that up to 100 illegal immigrants a year may have been smuggled through Dublin Airport.

Edit: this story should probably be in the Calais thread…just noticed someone has already posted it.


there goes any trump card in Ireland’s brexit negotiations. "you chaps dont have full control of your borders, sorry Paddy and Jerry , Blightey 'ere has no choice but assume total controls of all of Eire’s ports.


A 14-year-old child bride from Syria came to Sweden and became pregnant with her husband, who is also her cousin.

Now a Swedish court has approved of her marriage, because she appears “mature,” and for religious and cultural reasons.



You forgot to add a link, so I googled the text.

Which site did you find the story on so that we might attempt to judge it’s veracity? Sparta Report? Speisa? Vesselnews?

Or maybe it was /r/the_donald? Political Irish? 4chan or Voat?

Did the author add their name to the article anywhere?

Is the story true?


Based on a report on Ekot, on Sveriges Radio (local RTE) …so audio, and in Swedish.

Here is some background in English, from those notorious Donald lovers, the NYT no less…


So a Swedish court has approved the marriage of a 14 year old girl, because she appears “mature,” and for religious and cultural reasons?

And this is only being reported in a single unsourced, unsigned, badly written article that has been copied and pasted onto white supremicist websites and message boards, and on Swedish Radio (which is not referenced in the article in question).

The NYT article does not provide any background to the claim that a Swedish court recognises Sharia law. In fact it goes a good way towards proving that it is Norwegian and Danish policy not to recognise these marriages.


Sweden rarely disappoints…