The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration

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So a music festival shut down and now plans to have female (or identify as female) only music festival “until all men learn to behave themselves” ( because all men are bad and we shouldn’t single out the perpetrators as that might be considered culturalist) - although I’m not sure if this article is mere clickbait or not.


Seems to have been widely reported

Edit: sorry, I meant the events at the festival were widely reported. The idea of discriminating against people based on gender - because discriminating on the basis of race is wrong - is a new development.


I’m sure they’ll say discrimination based on gender is positive discrimination. Also, it’ll never work because men can just say they are women on the day of the event.


I think this is a Swedish political party video - but open to correction.


Clearly, the most gullible country on earth…
A Swedish investigation into migrants claiming asylum as children suggests that three-quarters of those tested were over the age of 18. Sweden’s national forensic medicine agency checked the age of nearly 8,000 people and found that some 6,600 were 18 or over.


And why *shouldn’t *young Swedish women be allowed to walk alone in Malmo after dark? Only the likes of George Hook would give the kind of advice that this policeman gave to the women of Malmo. … 21314.html
Police in Sweden have retracted their “unfortunate” advice that women should not go out alone after dark. Local police in Malmö made a public statement saying women should stay indoors when it gets dark following the rape of a 17-year-old girl.
The incident occurred after midnight as the victim walked through a playground area and is the third attack of its kind in the Swedish city of Malmö in the last few weeks.
It is thought there is no direct link between any of the cases and police are currently investigating all of the incidents.
The police officer in charge of the investigation, Anders Nilsson, was quoted in Swedish media saying that women should only go out in pairs or in large groups after darkness, according to the Local.


Not sure what this has to do in a thread about mass immigration, or do you know something that isn’t mentioned in the article?

Here’s another random article related to Swedish rape crimes.


Why is that, what could they possibly be trying to hide :angry:

HiFi is just playing the odds, in Sweden and Norway a majority of random street rape attacks are by immigrants, usually Muslim

If the news reports don’t give a description of the attacker its a bit of a tell

Coming soon to a town near you


Is the penny (or krona) finally dropping ?

*Sound familiar ?


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This is from a couple of years ago. Makes me smile and upset all at once



The george Hook is covering sweden tomorrow


Pathological crazy and yet we tell our children better or at least we should, so much a most famous and often invoked children story has never applied to something so essentially.



Swedish general election is September 9th. The anti-immigration populist Sweden Democrats are rising in the polls.


I agree.


Help me out here please if you can.
What he seems to be saying is that there is a high level of problems associated with mass immigration done without consideration of its affects on existing populations. I think that this is probably true.
Is he wrong? He is giving a lot of examples.


He’s right.
Just his way of saying it is off putting.
The manner in which he talks comes across as brash and condescending rather than persuasive.
You win arguments such as this by converting those of a different opinion, Being right isn’t enough.
*How *you say it can be just as important as what you’re saying.


I like his style of video editing and the way he would denounce the lunatics as “they stand up against racism, by being racist!”