The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration

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Now there is a deeper story here than meets the eye.

Go look and see.

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Only in Sweden

Muslim job applicant who refused handshake wins discrimination case in Sweden
Farah Alhajeh was shown out of firm’s office after avoiding physical contact on religious grounds … -1.3599409


I don’t know why they didn’t just carry on with the interview and then strike her out when the whole thing was over. Also, she was out to find trouble because if she was really serious about her muslim faith, what was she doing in a room with men that were not related to her?




I don’t think that’s “only in Sweden” at all. You could see that story in the UK easily. The only reason that you don’t see it in Ireland is that Islam hasn’t quite reached the critical mass quite yet where they get cheeky enough. Give it 3 years. A litmus test for cheeky Islam was the public protests against the Muhammed cartoons. Any country that you find those protests in you’ll find “equality” cases like this.


Contrast this with what happened in Switzerland recently.


In a 100 years, when the public continue to be better educated, they’ll look back in amazement how a judge rewarded someones ignorance based on religion.


But, we are where we are and at the end of the day, management let their emotions get involved in business.

Lesson learnt.


An old style BBC Current Affairs dept documentary about the upcoming Swedish General Election.

A Tale of Two Swedens…

Its great to see that the BBC can still produce exceptional quality reporting and analysis when it put its mind to it.

A great primer in how the news narrative is shaped and formed by the various factions with just subtle changes in tone and editing. And a masterclass in how real objective reporting is actually done. All sides presented, pros and cons. With the journalist and film crew being presented as just another of the “sides” in the story. But providing the viewer with more than enough relevant information to come to their own conclusion.


Possibly a hung parliament due to gains on the right


Sweden’s Electorate Lurches To The Right

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I think the swing to the Sweden Democrats wasn’t as severe as was expected. They still only managed 18% of the vote.

It’s quite clear that people are not naturally inclined to move to the extremes. It simply doesn’t sit well with them…but when abandoned by the mainstream parties they sometimes feel like they have no alternative.

Plus the notion of it being a radical departure (as per the medias narrative) for a Swedish political party to place the interests of Swedes above those of non nationals is bizarre to say the least …its why we are seeing a similar trend across Europe…


Sweden is top of the riskiest property markets … xford-says

Gotta wonder if many of the swedes didnt vote for the swedish democrats and instead chose to remain with their version of Soldiers of Destiny in the hopes of keeping the prices of their chalets at high levels.


Dalai Lama: ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans’ … -europeans



That’s exactly it.

Same exact thing happened in America.
People were asking why blue-collar workers would vote for Trump, it was because the DNC abandoned them.

The plight of the working class was off the agenda in favour of LGBTQWERTY rights.
When Bernie showed how popular a basic message was to voters, he was sidelined

Same is happening throughout Europe.
Basic messages are being prevented from entering political discourse, so voters are forced to swing to the right.

No lessons being learned at all.

My greatest fear is that it will end in savage bloodshed.

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The Turnips need to be careful here, do they really want to mess with the Iraqi defence minister