The Swedish experience and approach to mass immigration


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Under the Doctrine of Discovery, legally the Aboriginal Australians/Native Americans didn’t exist.


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Some of ye lads are very sensitive, to be honest. It’s an ad, not the end of the world.


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It’s just a general observation. No need to be overly sensitive. It’s not always about you.


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A growing immigrant population

The foreign population is constantly increasing in Switzerland. It rose from 14% of the total population in 1980 to 25% today. The Swiss Confederation is among the countries with the highest proportion of residents born abroad.

Whereas the country had 285,000 resident foreigners in 1951, there are now 2.1 million. The country’s population meanwhile numbers 8.5 million.

'Course some believe Ireland has a similar ratio if you included those whom are not to be counted. :ninja:

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What do Minneapolis and Malmo have in common? Import Somalia, become Somalia. Who’d’ve thunk. :whistle::grinning: This barbaric, 6th century ideology doesn’t belong in any civilised society.
If a muslim burns a bible down in Dublin city centre will Paddy burn his neighbourhood down? I think not.


Sweden is mostly a protestant country (61.1% Church of Sweden (Lutheran)). Their is a greater percentage of Muslims (1.5%) than there are Catholics (1.2%) in Sweden.


The Guardian report naturally omits reference to migration.


The swedes try and ignore that too. Ethnicity isn’t recorded in crime statistics. Women are being murdered in larger numbers, honour killings? How would they know if they close their eyes and block their ears and say lalalalalalala


"One major political sticking point is whether the recent violence should be connected to Sweden’s recent wave of immigration. Swedish police don’t register criminal suspects according to ethnicity, but prosecutors say several of the men facing trial have non-Swedish backgrounds, and that’s been used as ammunition by anti-immigration parties.

In a televised party leader debate last week, the leader of the nationalist Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson called for a crackdown on what he described as “imported values” that sanction violence against women.

Sweden’s Gender Equality Minister Marta Stenevi says that Sweden does have a problem with so-called “honour crimes”, which are committed to protect or defend the supposed reputation of a family or extended community. But she believes labelling violence towards women as an “immigrant issue” is “really, really diminishing the problem”, describing violence against women as “deeply, deeply rooted” throughout Swedish society."

  • so rooted in society that these crimes have only rocketed in recent years…

The mail was in the post back in 2002: