The Tanaiste is not happy about us shopping in the North


Well, Mary C has told us all that she is not happy. Not happy that we might have the gall to travel to the North, in buses no less, to save a bit of cash by shopping in the North. She is looking into the 30% discrepancies between Ireland and the North, but is encouraging us to shop around, AT HOME!
I have heard it all now. Is this how we are going to get the economy going again. Buy Irish, only.


I deliberately buy foreign goods whenever I shop. :smiling_imp:


sure isn’t there a long-standing tradition of encouraging that kind of behaviour:

I remember the adverts well from my youth encouraging Irish manufacturers to carry the GI trademark so that people would be sure to buy your (probably overpriced) product rather than a product from anywhere else. Ahhhhh the memories :smiley:


The other sister Mary Tanaiste told us to shop around.

Next they’ll be telling us to only shop at Irish owned stores?



they won’t like me then, them and their GP government parties. I want to fly to France to do some grocery shopping soon.


The website says that they have a new logo - looks like they went to the same people as Aer Lingus.

(Step 1: Take old logo. Step 2: Make it look “slanty”. Step 3: Charge €€€€€€€€€€€ in design fees)


I used to be a strong advocate of buying Irish until it started to cost way more than the competition.

Recent example was the other weekend on one of those infrequent hot summer days. I decided to visit the local offie to purchase some refreshing tins of cider. On offer was a well known the made in Ireland example @ €2.49per can. I settled on a English imported example at 1.60 per tin :smiley:

The power of the consumer at work 8)


I’ve taken to doing the same of late. I assume you are refering to Bulmers @2.49? In Dunnes you can get Old Somerset (stronger at 5%) 6 packs for 7.45 and 2 euro off for 2 6 packs - 12 cans for 12.90. How bad!


Very Bad if you polish them all off yourself at the one sitting :nin

Coughlan would be better off castigating the Grey Greasy Tills of Donegal except that they are the ones who fund her at every election .


Spot on Kerrynorth :wink:

Salute from a fellow connoisseur 8)


At the Heineken Cup final in Cardiff recently pints in the pub were £1.80. On match day in Dublin they are around €6. We would shop at home more if we were not being gouged.

By the way Mary C, how did you vote in the Dail when there was an opportunity to try and keep Aer Lingus in Shannon instead of moving to the north?

My granny could have run this country over the last 10 years, the trouble with the clowns in cabinet now is they have not a fcuking clue how to handle the hard times. They have no idea how to undo the mess they have created.


Strange how we like to compete on tax but not on prices.

I called in to Sainsburys in Sprucefield outside Lisburn at the weekend, I’m sure I got loads of bargains but here are the ones I remember

12 bottles of cider 21 euros in the North, 32 euros in my local supermarket
Toothpaste 2.25 euros in the North, 3.75 in my local
My girlfriend got bottles of moisturiser for 2.75 each which cost 7.70 here, she had the shop assistant go into the storeroom and bring out armfuls of the stuff.

Do I regret not paying more for the same thing? I’ll think about that over a cold Kopparberg.


Where did she say this?


Coughlan seems out of her depth in the role. Times must be getting desperate if she has to resort to this. Seeing as she is from a border constituency she is probably well placed to hear about some of her constituents making the trek.


The savings up North are fantastic.

Me and the missus went up to Belfast a few weeks back on the bus.
I went on a bit of spree but bought a load of new clothes (about €400 in total) including a decent jacket.

I saw the jacket alone in BT for €275 last weekend :open_mouth:


I’d happily buy stuff in irish shops if they didn’t try to bugger me every time I darkened their doors.

I bought a usb lead online last week for $4 including postage. was €21 in dixons.

I was in glasgow on a stag a while back, could buy bottles of polish beer (addicted to the stuff!) in the pubs for the same price as the likes of carling etc (and cheaper in some pubs). But when I try buy it in Dublin its about €1 more expensive than anything else. If Irish businesses are crying about losing business then they really should take a look at their prices before saying a word


While it’s no big surprise Ireland’s more expensive than anywhere else for groceries I think the NCA report is unhelpful. Certainly not good enough to conclude as they did that the cost of groceries is 30% cheaper in NI.

One flaw is they weren’t neutral researchers, from their own website

“18 June 2008 – The National Consumer Agency has found, as expected, evidence of considerable mark-up on branded goods when compared with prices in Northern Ireland.”

Their shopping basket wasn’t well picked either - 40 odd items in stores that sell 1000’s of products. Unhealthy looking as well since there’s almost no unprocessed food.

Many factors are outside the supermarkets control and within Mary Couglan’s government’s control, minimum wage in UK = 7.00 euro in Ireland it’s 8.65 (second highest in the EU), relative cost of rents or land, waste charges, rates, energy.

The lack of competition here is a factor that government or councils could have done better with for instance we’ll give you planning permission for that new store but only if you sell the old one it’s replacing - as it is the big two happily run old stores at a loss as it’s better than a new entrant arriving.


My God. Is that in Ballsbridge? Are you talking about cider and are these prices just on match days?

The only time I ever enter a mindset where I find that Im willing to pay prices like that is when things get out of hand and I find myself in the Gaiety or somesuch way way after dark.

Pint of stout around Dublin tends to be less than a fiver. Id say about 4.70/4.80 on average. Or am I losing it altogether?


Mary C can go and shite if she thinks i’m subsidising price gougers.


hate this type of answer but depends where you go!

Most city center pubs would charge just under a fiver (4.70/4.80) as you suggest. Then obviously the so called fancier ones charge more again (possibly as much as 5.50). Ditto the likes of temple bar. You’d still get the odd old man’s pub off the beaten trail type place that would cahrge just over 4.00 for a pint (rare tho!)

I was in the duke a few weeks ago and was getting a round. 4.90 for lager (guinness drinker but there were 2 carlsbergs in the round). Can’t remember the last time I was charged less than a fiver for lager before this in the city center to be honest