The top 100 best-paid in education … tml?via=mr

Because they’re worth it??

Irish % of GDP measure used again. … reland+gnp … reland+gdp

here is the latest OECD doc I could find.

Assuming that other country’s GDP and GNP are roughly equal(which isn’t an unsafe assumption, remember “Ireland is Different”) then we appear to be spending more per head of population than most everybody else.
even on spending as a % of GDP we are only slightly behind the EU19.
if we were working off GNP we’d be spending more than pretty much everybody else.

No comment.

Virtually all men I note from a quick scan of the list!

There are too many schools with too many teachers.

There are 4 primary schools within a 5 minute drive of my home place which is rural county Offaly.
There are maybe 10 within a 10 minute drive of my home place.
As a child I cycled to school and 4 primary schools were within cycling distance for me. Those 4 schools are still open.

The schools and their sizes are mentioned here at … ary-Offaly
Rather than shutting down\amalgamating schools in rural locations they are kept open with teachers teaching smaller class sizes or teaching multiple class years in the same classroom.
Schools in Urban locations are at bursting point. Rural schools are not amalgamated.
Extra teachers are under-utilised in rural schools. Teachers salaries are high so we need to be get value for money from them.

I’m far from convinced that this Irish Times list of “Top 100 best paid in Education” is complete.

The writers actually state that some organisations were more co-operative than others. Also, see the footnotes - Chief Executive Officers of VECs (many earmarked for amalgamation) can earn up to 129K.

Also Assistant Secretary Generals in Deptartment of Education are on a scale to up 146K.

Name them ALL I say!

Getting value from a teacher??

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I know a fair few Professors in the €200K bracket that ain’t here.

here some figures on weekly averages earnings in education. There is a full list across all sectors in ireland on somewhere, but I am sure that would provoke off topic discussion.

Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Education 644.47 698.44 718.93 743.41 809.16 856.66 879.9 921 946.47 Primary education 690.35 717.08 716.88 712.49 765.14 812.2 931.11 865.3 887.17 Secondary ed. .. 685.02 753.21 801.19 848.41 935.58 970.37 998.67 1045.76 1078.46 (excl. VECs & ITs) Third level ed. .. 627.1 691.84 762.92 799.82 875.26 907.86 949.21 1020.06 1064.7 (excl. VECs & ITs) VECs and IT's .. 560.36 628.28 627.36 669.04 734.46 801.04 817.71 846.35 861.78

I thought she was known as Sweary Mary?

Yes, and notice how we are talking about the public sector here.

Let’s have them, then - don’t be shy!

And re averages, I know that some of the universities have an average of c80k for their staff (including the admin divisions). Which is food for thought…

Is that all from the university or is part of that through research agreements/patents etc? If it is the latter, I have less of a problem with it.

A couple on pure academic and most of the others split between hospital work and teaching.

If I’m going to start naming names (which I won’t) then I need to start enumerating the return society is getting from their output.

I then also need to name some of the social welfare recipients that I know and enumerate their societal return.

They are both recipients of state funding - but one is providing a net positive return.

Still, at least our academic leading lights fund their lavish lifestyles in full public glare… …
(Courtesy of Naked Capitalism)

There is also a major problem around the 50/60K level where a lot of the admin work could be done for half that price.

You’re right.

I have first hand knowledge of the education sector and there is ENORMOUS waste, as bad as anything in the HSE or FAS, only it doesn’t get as much press.

Bad teaching is rife and Dept of Education inspections are few and far between and never seem to change anything. There is a lack of accountability and oversight of the sector.

Yes, excellent, hard working teachers exist, but shouldn’t ALL teachers be exactly that?

And…what about the large number of teachers suspended on full pay for SEVERAL YEARS??

And…what about retired teachers returning to work, not as casual deputies but on formal 1 year contracts??

This is nothing compared to Medical Consultants- and there’s probably a hell of a lot more of those.

Never mind the bloated salaries in education, why the continuing scandal in the third level sector that NO ONE ever mentions??
Why is no one mentioning that ALL the banks that have wrecked this country were directed and managed by large numbers of graduates, many postgrads in finance, mathematics and economics, masters in business etc. - all highly educated BUT STILL the banks got driven onto the rocks!
So what does that say about university degrees?
Why do we still get the unchallenged mantra that more people going to college is A GOOD THING?
Universities especially have been getting away with this racket for far too long, mainly by peddling the lie that graduates earn more over their lifetime than non-graduates, conveniently ignoring a whole range of other factors that come into play and that need to be considered.
As a taxpayer I’m all for pumping money into primary education, and secondary too, but universities can sink or swim on their own merit, they don’t deserve a penny of our money IMO.

And why is it that so many university educated professionals can then enter closed, secretative professional bodies and EXPLOIT the very people that paid for their education, eg

legal, medical, dental, accountancy, actuarial, construction professions AND get away with being incompetent and unaccountable?