The Transport 21 H€adwr€ck€R.

Transport 21 promised all of us new roads and railway lines coming out of our arses and thats not going to happen before 2015 , no sirree.

Its unlikely to happen by 2020 never mind 2015 .

And yet some of these projects are essential and well overdue . Lets look at whats being built right now. All of these are to be finished by 2010 after which there are no contracted projects to pay for .

  1. Kildare route project , €350m
  2. 3 Luas extensions , Docklands Citywest Cherrywood Rolling stock €200m
  3. Dunboyne railway €150m
  4. Major Inter Urbans ( Galway Limerick Cork Waterford Arklow Kells ) c. €2.2bn
  5. Waterford Bypass €400m I think .

Meaning that if no new projects are started the government needs to find some €3.3bn to finish off what they have started and of course they will do so . They have signed the contracts or are about to in the case of the Dunboyne rail plan and need to find an average €1.7bn a year in each of 2009 and 2010 .

The government has nothing CONTRACTED in the pipeline after 2010 in the transport sphere because it has no road projects firmly scheduled to start in 2009 or 2010 except the Galway City Bypass which will be stuck in Europe all of 2009 and then cut .

I really must thank Rail Users Ireland for their very accurate guesstimates with which I broadly agree . They may be found here if you want to check the math .

The eyecatching ones are

  1. Iarnród Éireann Dublin €3.5 billion
  2. Metro ( Metro West and Metro North) €6 billion

And yet we were subjected this week to a barrage of propaganda from IE on the Interconnector where they sought to describe a stranded and incomplete €2bn Interconnector tunnel from Heuston to Connnolly without mentioning all the other costs like electrification and joining Heuston with a four track line to the Kildare track project ending over two miles away ( mainly by landgrabbing along the side of Con Colbert Road ) and then LOADS of new rolling stock …hence the €3.5bn figure .

Competing for government funding after 2010 is the Atlantic Corridor which will serve as great a population as greater Dublin ( Dublin Meath and Kildare …not Carlow and Louth please .

That will cost another €4bn if you build the L shaped Derry Sligo Limerick Cork Waterford route in full apart from the few completed sections .

It is manifestly obvious that ALL the following will not be built .

**1. The Dart Interconnector €3.5bn to actually finish the project .
2. Metro North and West €6bn
3. Atlantic Corridor €4bn


  1. Existing Projects . €3.3bn

for a grand total of €16.8Bn .

It is now looking like only one or two of these will be built and that the government will only really go for

**1. Metro North ( only) €2bn
2. Cork - Galway Atlantic Corridor (core) €1.5bn


  1. Existing Projects . €3.3bn **

For a total expenditure **of €6.8 Bn **

and may also cut Metro North if the tenders due early next year are 'unexpectedly ’ high Mind you they will then connect the Red and Green Luas lines to mollify De Dubs 8) if they cut the two large projects as now looks likely .

Incidentally I lost all respect for Frank McDonald after he tried to grossly shill the interconnector project in the Times today while hiding the extra costs until thevery end.

I will never trust you again Frank, disgraceful journalism and entirely worthy of your property section. :frowning: … ml?via=rel

But Finally Frank remembers its not the SINDO he writes for .

I agree that we are well passed the window for achieving any of the big T21 projects by 2015, and that was when the place was awash with cash.

There is no political will to deliver public transport and there are few votes in it. The downturn is the perfect excuse to make sure motorists stay in their cars and keep churning out those taxes.

If it came down to one project that had to go ahead then it must simply be the Interconnector. If we never get another public transport porject approved again in Dublin then at least getting this one accomplished will mean we will at have linked up every disparate piece of transport within the city.

Of course, we are dealing with the clueless clowns in the Dept. of Transport so you can bet on all our chips will go in the Metro project, ok in its own right, but does Dublin need another system that operates on its own in splendid isolation?

All very well but IE have set about it in a most disingenous manner.

IE initially want to build a semi stranded tunnel which will only permit trains to run from Malahide to Heuston in the absence of the rest of the project . The other line will be from Graystones to Connolly . They would intersect under Pearse Street .

It is of NO real benefit to the rest of us west of Dublin because there still will only be 2 tracks between Heuston and Cherry Orchard .

The Four Track project from Heuston to Cherry Orchard is at least 2 miles long and will be highly disruptive if ever built , I wonder if IE thought of initially tunneling the Interconnector from Cherry Orchard to Docklands and cut it back to Heuston instead ?? It would save them electrifying the main line too and raising bridges in Kilmainham .

Either way that extra capacity is the great missing link, particularly as the line from Cherry Orchard outward must be electrified to allow through running for Dart Trains .

Nor is the current public consultation a REAL consultation if IE refuse to inform the population of Inchicore and Ballyfermot and Kilmainham of the massive disruption that IE have planned for them as they build this missing link in the Kildare project .

No other sizeable population bar the people in those areas will find themselves living in a building site for years as part of the overall Dart Interconnector project .

IE probably does not want a backlash this side of the Local Elections next year and are evidently not telling these people anything about anything the sneaky feckers .

I further note Frank McDonald is in no hurry to slither down to Ballyer to investigate this either. Frank rarely ventures out of D2/4/6 if he can help it :frowning:

Sure they won’t even get a Dart station in Inchicore to make up for all the hassle :frowning:

The tunnel and the Four Track must be done together , assuming there :nin IS :nin any money which I seriously doubt.