The Ugliest new Development Competition

This in my book is the ugliest new development that I have seen. Has anyone
got a better candidate?

The what I like to call Cell Block H apartments around the corner from this take some beating (I have no picture however).

Ken sez its a "stunning new development " in that link . I believe Ken.

Value for money 1bed’s at 370k :laughing:

Are these the Goldfishbowl’s you are refering to :wink:

So we’ve knocked down Ballymun (the past) to replace with it the likes of this (the future) - anyone see any similarities between the past and the future?

Oh wow! Those actually hurt my chest.

Some architects have alot to answer for.

Prisoners are incarcerated in more asthetically pleasing surroundings :laughing:

I still havent stopped laughing.
emailed it to my mates.
Can actually picture one of the bowls filled with water and fish swimming around.

Actually, technically, some architects 6 year old kids have something to answer for.


What exactly are those glass boxes for? Surely if somebody wants a balcony, they want it open like a normal balcony, not a glass cage. I can’t really see the point of glass boxes like these unless they are some sort of greenhouse but they look absolutley ridiculous.

Well at least everyone in Dublin will know where to go for some high quality grass next year.

The architects design what the devloper pays for. They don’t like these things any more than you or I, but personal preferences don’t pay the bills.

The planning office has to approve these things,and often asks for (demands) aesthetic changes to be made. The planning office doesn’t employ any architects that I’m aware of.

Also, those glass boxes are the bedrooms! Obviously marketing to the exhibitionists among us


(Apparently the building beside it is a dog too!)

I imagine the large glass surface area isn’t the most energy efficient.

Personally, I don’t just don’t see the appeal in this mass-produced modern, sleek styling complete with chocolate leather sofa and flat-panel TV screen.

It’s cheap and tacky. If I wanted a sleek bachelor pad, I’d have a penthouse in Knightsbridge, not in Dublin 1. Let’s not pretend we can all have it.

the key difference is that this is likely to be privately owned, right?

Not a great photo of it but they built this eyesore down here.

Are they pink? :open_mouth:

I’ve seen lots of apartment complexes with balconys where the water simply dribbles off the sides, making a mess of the paint-work/cladding on the building. Eventually a green ooze builds up at the interface between the balcony and the wall.

No more of an off-yellow colour. Horrible though, I’ll try and find a better photo but it’s not the kind of thing people like to look at/photograph.

daveirl - where’s dat monstrosity, bhuoy?

Dere’s some inappropriate yokes going up off Carr’s Hill, and something huge going up in the woods off Rochestown Road it seems - must get out and take a few photos.

By the way - there’s an interesting forum for Irish architects here:

good, reasoned, intelligent discussion including realistic views on the property pyramid, developers and so on, that’s relevant to non-architects, as well as their own esoteric shorthand and interests. See, for instance, their views on the Gasometer apartment/hotel/what-have-you.

have a look at the Cork section - mucho information about existing developments, and things to come.