The Unaffordable Welfare State


Saying that families are the same in the context of a referendum on marriage equality does not imply that they are the same in every respect. That’s the point you seem to be missing.


Some are more equal than than others :wink:


Fintan O’Toole managed to write a full article on child poverty recently without once mentioning the role of parents: … -1.2225573

He assumes it is entirely the role of the State to sort out problems of deprivation, despite noting that one of the symptoms of such deprivation is greater childhood obesity, which suggests that simple lack of resources is not the only problem.


Yah, it couldn’t be that shitty fattening food is cheaper than organic kale…


I was thinking this too. In some (all?) parts of the US the state will pay the child support for a lone parent but then vigorously pursue the absent parent for reimbursement. Of course it’s tricky where the identity of the absent parent is in dispute but I believe they have mandatory paternity testing if you dispute liability for child support.


The essential problem is not lack of money, but lack of parenting effort - decent tasting healthy food requires effort more than money, as does replacing TV with human interaction.


As the great Homer Simpson once said, “It’s not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to squeeze in 8 hours of TV a day.”


unprocessed healthy foodstuffs are cheaper than

in your local supermarket.


Jack Monroe managed to feed her son and herself healthy food for 10 quid (sterling) a week.

Took a lot of effort, but it can be done.

Anyway, Ireland’s “uniquely generous” (OECD) lone parent welfare tends to perpetuate single parent families, which themselves perpetuate low work intensity / unemployment, which is the biggest factor in creating deprivation and poverty.


is a similar effort - American measures though

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the “good food cost more” argument doesn’t explain how Breast Feeding rates are even worse among Ireland’s working class parents. I’m sure Fintan has an explanation why its someone else’s fault other than the parent’s


“Making Work Pay More: Recent Initiatives” … ml?id=4227


Interesting report.

Cost of Childcare not included

Value of Medical Cards/GP Cards is included but argues they make little impact as 80% of unemployed under 45 and 60% are single

I cannot see table of cash on dole v cash working, just replacement rates. My Q is:
when they say you are better working instead of on the dole in the vast majority of cases, by how much?

Is it 1 euro a day? 10? 20?

A large % may be better off working but only by 5K net per year. Most wouldn’t bother for that but will be included in the figures by ESRI


Ignoring cost of childcare is laughable


Is it worse than ignoring the time value of money?

er, or indeed the money value of time; sorry, I was in a hurry :blush: :laughing:


Pretty sure its that one as it was an ESRI report that was slapped down and Richard Tol had enough and resigned a few months later.


It goes against the current Liberal high ground which says 'screw families with jobs who want more than 2 kids…and yeah for those non-nuclear unions who go against the norm ’
Sure why populate with our own seed when we can fish in millions from Africa and feel better about ourselves at the same time


It’s even worse than that … unless there’s something I’ve missed, the study is a joke

Just look at these two key parts

So it’s based completely on wages + benefits vs. out of work benefits alone

Then it’s based on working a 40 hour week … far enough so far as it goes

But nowhere in the analysis is the tradeoff of going to work for 40 hours vs doing whatever you want factored in! It’s all based on absolute numbers

Would you go to work for €1 extra per week (2.5c per hour)? According to this you should!

(In fairness they do point out that people rejoining the workforce will obviously hope to increase their wages in future … but, wow)


Or, as the Charleston shooter put it: “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

You are some piece of work.


Lovely :unamused:


:unamused: Wow, care to enlighten us as to why large numbers of Arican immigrants are beneficial and should be welcomed into the EU or do you just abuse people for having an opinion?


I abuse people for being racists and, particularly, for expressing racist views on the day after 9 people were murdered in cold blood by (yet) another racist.

The question about “large numbers” of African immigrants is of no relevance. But since you mention it: do you think the US viewed large numbers of Irish immigrants as “beneficial”?