The Unaffordable Welfare State


Sush him up. That not the agreed bankers and their bonuses/viscious austerity I tell ya joe/where’s my nama narrative we’ve all been reading from the same page up to now.

For gods sake man there an election less than 10 months away.


Do you have any insight into how he arrived at the €800 million figure? I thought we were paying well above a billion a year from teh prom notes.


Well, considering…


I’d like to make a modest proposal.
Perhaps we should take immigrants from anywhere in the world, as long as they’re fat, juicy and nutritious. :smiley: XD


:smiley: Perhaps you’re right.
Though I fear certain of our posters (you know who you are, fuckers) will always prefer unhealthy white fat to healthy brown fat.

Go figure…


WTF has happened to this thread? Stop the racism stuff.


Grumpy, I agree.

On the ERSI report: I have read it.

It struck me that it was a report written with the answer required in mind. It ignores much of the provisions of our welfare state,under values the health benefits, the cost of working(including childcare), uses ridiculous assumptions about hourly earnings, and ignores the marginal utility of an hours leisure. It is astonishing that an institute such as the ERSI could have written and published such a report. IS It Compromised? Yes:

Notwithstanding all of that it shows excessive replacement rates for married with children couples with children. I will maintain that a married man with two children in Ireland needs to make in excess of 50k per annum before it is worthwhile to get out of bed.


…and if he doesn’t get out of bed, he might find himself with rather more than two children. 8- :wink:


Germany to withhold welfare from foreign EU nationals … -1.2628492


And to think all the 5hit the Brits get when they come up with these suggestions initially


All those refugees need to be accommodated, clothed and fed. Somebody has to pay for it.


question is whether there is capacity in the economy to provide it – in Europe, wth massive output gap – there is;
remember inflation is the limit in a fiat currency regime, this amount of immigration is not a large inflation risk… but without planning and investment it could be;

cultural impact is different and much more dangerous than economic impact


This is much misunderstood. They are proposing to restrict benefits from those who have never worked (or not worked recently) and have just moved to Germany.

If you have worked in another EU member state and paid social insurance you will still be able to move to Germany and claim social benefits.

This latter group is probably much bigger than the former.

Central to EU Treaties is the principle of free movement of workers which means (some) portability of work-related benefits too.


Indeed Ireland and the UK have already done this for years.


Those Chinese lads are very well behaved. I wonder where they learned that?


Leo Varadkar claimed Irish welfare rates were too high … -1.2648929


Hand me that ladder there!


Broadsheet have a story today that Paul Murphy is outraged about a provision in the programme for government that will have people claiming disability tested to see if they’re fit to work. Oh the horror of only being able to claim disability if you’re disabled!


Oh the humanity


Even having what is termed a “disability” shouldn’t preclude anyone from working. (When I was in the Civil Service in the 1980s there was a grade known as Blind Telephonists. They were perfectly capable of doing the job, despite having what most people would consider a severe disability.)


He is kinda right in one sense, that is regarding the dangers of having a for-profit company running this scheme and incentivised to declare people fit to work.

On the other hand, he has once again made himself look a bit of a tit (in my eyes, at least) by refusing to consider the possibility that there is a genuine concern that we’re spending a lot of money to subsidise the lifestyles of those who don’t actually have a work-inhibiting disability.