The Unaffordable Welfare State


Don’t forget that there is huge conflation with lower income families and lone parents. That can make it difficult to pick apart the causative reasons sometimes. In addition in Ireland people are given large financial incentives to pretend they are lone parents even if they are not.

I think it’s widely accepted that the more parents you have the better (hence it was odd seeing the resistance to the gay adoption bill “for the sake of the children”). But it does not follow that only having one is going to be really bad for you to the extent that it’ll do long-term societal damage.


What measures would you suggest to discourage lone parenting?


If you are on the disability, does it bar you from taking a job? I wonder what the stats are on this.


For a start, the missing parent should have a financial responsibility to their kids (as happens in other countries).

It’s a bare minimum, and I don’t know how big a difference it would make, but it’s a start.


I wonder was there some legal loophole/oddity that precluded applying such a policy, if so was it fixed in the second previous referendum concerning Children?

Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.


There are already financial penalties for leaving the family home, specifically having to pay for separate accommodation, and/or live somewhere crappier.

The UK have tried to claw back money using the CSA but it was incredibly expensive and difficult. Seems they have a new process now:

I’m sure an Irish solution would be cheap, efficient and uncontroversial.


Well if you start with the assumption that we can’t do anything right then there isn’t going to be a solution.

Fair enough, case closed, no point in thinking any more about it 8DD


Somebody comes along with a factual statement about the proportion of people claiming lone parent allowances. No judgement, no commentary, and then he gets it with both barrels for just having the temerity to just point out a discrepancy.

No wonder the place is starting to become ungovernable.


The DSP actively chases after (known) fathers for support for their children if the mother is receiving state supports. A total of 2,675 children were born and registered without a father’s name on their birth certificate in 2013 out of a total of 68,930

If you are in receipt of DisabilityAllowance, you can work up to €120pw without sanction, after that DA is on a sliding scale.


The grade still exists, except now it’s “Visualy Impaired Telephonist”.

When will the political correctness end, Joe? :laughing:


I think “visually impaired” is more accurate as most people who are registered blind have some limited vision.

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it appears Ireland gives non-contributory pensions to people who previously didn’t live in Ireland and decided not to live in Ireland there after.

I know naturalized German nationals who can’t bring their pensioner parents to Germany unless they have the means to not only support themselves but also prove they have health insurance to care for them if they fall ill.


Ah it’s grand to steal in Ireland as long as you repay the money. Plenty of examples.


Unbelievable. You could probably live like a King (or a Queen) on almost any Irish Welfare payment in Bulgaria…


Talking to my Childminder the other day (She’s from 1 of the Baltic nations) about what she earns here v’s the wages at home, she told me her friends at home are stunned to hear how much we pay her. I asked had things improved at home after so many years in the EU and were the younger people now staying and getting jobs. She said no way…as soon as school is finished, they’re on the plane to Ireland/UK.

She also mentioned about welfare fraud here in Ireland - she said she knew quiet a few people of her own age (mid 20’s) who work and claim benefits at the same time. Mostly off the books work. But she said it was so easy to do because Welfare here rarely call you in for checks which is crazy as you are a fit ,20 something who should easily have a job. That was her take on it anyways, for what it is worth.
Also, the using of someone else PPS number for your 2nd job so that you get the full tax credits again and don’t go over into the top tax rate is a commonly discussed scheme she was saying!


a PPS number has a monetary worth. You don’t need to be digging through birth and death registers for people who have died to steal an identity as PPS numbers are thrown about like confetti.


I think you take your credits with you if you settle in another EU country. And almost everywhere they will entitle you to less than here.

The story of the Bulgarian lady is probably a little more legitimate than it sounds, at first at least. She would have had to live here for six months and have a lot of documentation to prove habitual residency. It is not as easy as it sounds. Once she went home obviously it becomes fraud.

The issue is the generosity of the non-contributory state pension at €222 per week. If you work and pay PRSI for thirty years you get just over €233. I do not know any European country where the link between contributions and benefits is so weak.


Habitual residence seems easy enough to prove. No harder than packing up your bags, buying a one way ticket here and joining the local library. EU’s 65+ citizens would be mad not to.

Proof to show you have given up accommodation abroad (e.g. proof of ending your tenancy or selling your home)
Proof of ending a job abroad, if applicable
Proof of terminating any residency based benefits abroad or transferring transferable payments, if applicable
Proof of travel documents such as a one way ticket
Proof of transporting your belongings back to Ireland (e.g. excess baggage fees, removal or shipping receipts)
Proof that your visa for the country you are returning from has expired, if applicable
Proof of closing bank accounts abroad
Proof of opening a bank account in Ireland
Proof of registering to vote in Ireland
Details of family members in Ireland
Any other evidence of intentions to remain in Ireland for good. For instance - letters of support from family members confirming your permanent return to Ireland, proof of renting a property in Ireland, proof of seeking employment in Ireland (both prior to and following your return), proof of enrolling your children in school here, proof of registering with a GP, proof of exchanging your driving licence, proof of joining any local groups …etc.


That’s contributory vs non-contributory


Cleaner defrauds welfare for 28 years, gets 3 year suspended sentence. … 67724.html