The Unaffordable Welfare State

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No basic income in Switzerland … d/42153620

Pitty because I like the idea, anything that would cut down on the bureaucracy needed to maintain a welfare state is a plus, simpler tax system be nice too


But where would the people go (who currently administer the bureaucracy system) if we bought in a basic income system?


They can stay at home and be paid for doing nothing :smiling_imp:


A John Paul Doyle of Longford, aged 34 in 2014 in these articles and the owner of several dogs and aged 36 in 2016, two years later, in the Irish Times article also the owner of three dogs - the same person? … sure-case/ … e-charges/ … mahon-man/ … september/


Yes, of course, because the public sector don’t do any real work, I forgot about that.
Jeez, this place is turning into zerohedge.


In aggregate, of course they do. On average though?


JP Doyle and family still in-situ in Longford … 20701.html


The estate next door is for sale
8 x 3 bedroom semi-detached houses, together with remaining development lands for €375k


This will end well

Pavee Point welcomes recognition of Traveller ethnicity
Enda Kenny has resolved to support the recognition of Traveller ethnicity … -1.2880451


In that case how about county based ethnic groups. I think both Cork and Kerry have an ironclad case. And probably Donegal too.

I suppose True-Dubs would also qualify. There must be at least 40K of those.

Any more candidates?


What additional rights does this recognition grant?


True Connaughtians, the real Irish!


more money for bureaucrats.

Identity politics (from the lefties) is so 2015, hopefully Labour annihilation, Brexit, Trump will see an end to that.


Free childcare for those 0-5 years only for registered homeless and in Dublin


I’d cry too - if a party like this came to an abrupt end. … uva-court/
*The largest known social welfare fraud case uncovered with the use of facial recognition software has led to a man being sentenced to three years in prison. **Adrian Vaduva, 44, who pleaded guilty, obtained more than €280,000 in fraudulent social welfare payments **over a 16-year period. He only had €20 on him when arrested and had no money in his bank accounts. **Vaduva cried throughout the court hearing *and the court heard he sobbed throughout his interviews with gardaí.


Court decision; Germany will now be paying a lower rate of childrens allowance to those working in Germany where the Children are living in an e.u. state where it costs less to sustain them i.e. eastern europe.
maybe that will be followed in Ireland and save a few million.


I claimed €30k disability whilst living in Oz, yer honour
I used 3 IDs to claim €60k of de disabilty and de single mothers allowance, yer honour

see section 5 of that and then come back to me because based on those rules the kid qualifies for/gets full Irish childrens benefit in Ireland based on the parents employment being in Ireland.

Germany have actually clarified the position definitively while Ireland hasn’t. … erzen.html

and this is the problem that Ireland hasn’t properly addressed yet unless you can prove otherwise. … e-1.577902

Now you may try to cloud the discussion with references to baby factories in Jobstown but if we follow Poland’s social policies then Ireland will be left with a ticking demographic timebomb as Poland’s birth rate is well below replenishment rate.

I agree with generous support for Children so long as the Children are actually resident in the country and will actually grow up to be good resident citizens who support the country in the next generation.

Do you have a more nuanced view on this topic or are you just trying to throw insults around?


How in th name of God, could you claim disability allowance for 2 years while living in Oz??? Do you not have to show up even once a month at some office or another to draw it down/meet officials/have a checkup?
If her own daughter hadn’t shopped her, she’d still be laughing … 78173.html

An she comes back here and continues to draw the disability even though she was well enough to go all the way to Oz to care for someone presumably too sick to do so by themselves!!!
Is the ‘war’ not over in Kosovar yet!
Husband on carer allowance for looking after her even though he’s a qualified vet. Carers allowance is 1 of the biggest scams going in my experience