The Unaffordable Welfare State


Carers allowance and Disability Benefit aren’t a scam but they are the most desirable ones to claim fraudulently.
If a fraudster can claim disability then Social Welfare generally leave them undisturbed to get on with their idle life.
If they are on disability then the fraudster can often “gift” carers allowance to a near relative and carers allowance has very little oversight so long as the person with disability remains “disabled”; money for nothing.
disclaimer; Persons close to me are legitimately in receipt of disability allowance and carers allowance.


Being a carer also seems to be something of a get out of jail free card, or at least grounds for leniency, given the frequency with which it seems to pop up in court reports.

But what politician wants to be labelled as attacking the disabled?


1 auld lad I know is on CA for his very elderly mother who is still very much mobile. He does nothing as he’s too fond of the sauce. She should be getting the CA for him!
A middle aged woman I know gets CA for her elderly mother who is still able to mostly look after herself. Her son recently told me he returned home from working in Dublin to find out she was doing no caring except calling down on Fridays to take most of the OAP off her mother! So he ran her and told her not to come back near the house. She still prob gets the CA though.
And then you also have home help calling during the week, not a lot of hours. But this has to be paid for too.

Whatever happened to looking after your family because they are your family, without getting a pay off from the State? We’ve done it for millenia without resorting to drowning our elderly parents when they reach X age.
It’s like every OAP or person on disabaility (all on state payments themselves) now has to be paired up with a Carer who gets a hefty weekly payment also. When did this become the norm???


And so it comes to pass. What does this mean for the taxpayer? More EU reports condemning Ireland for failing to include ‘ethnics’ in society? UN slamming Ireland for ‘ethnic crimes’ or such?


It means more handouts for doing nothing. More handouts for cultural and social amenities. More handouts for housing. And so on.
All this BS about it just meaning a realignment of current funding…who are they fooling.

Enda Kenny trying to write his place into history. I’m sure an apology on behalf of the people of Ireland is coming soon. Followed by some enterprising under worked solicitors/barristers taking cases for compensation for past ‘injustices’


Brendan Burgess calls for the dole to be cut.
However he makes a mistake in his first sentence stating €5 was added last week, when it is actually next week.


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We’re also paying to rent land for the dead and keep undertakers in business.
Tbh the State should only pay for the cost of cremation.


The rancid tail wagging the dog again - ten feral families making life unbearable for over 200 families…and guess which ethnic minority the troublemakers come from? (Not mentioned here but I did my own research!) … 15244.html
*…a small minority - estimated at 10 families by one councillor - is creating a massive headache for the vast majority of the people of the estate. Untethered horses grazing on green areas, dogs running feral and the burning of rubbish were also serious problems for the estate, Cllr Gleeson said. "I have people coming to me whose hearts are broken because they are being targeted. *


At at guess I’d say they were Irish.

Are you looking for people to support the ethnic cleansing of Irish people from this island? I mean, it’s a bit harsh on the law-abiding ones, but there’s enough of us immigrants to create a brave new world when you’re all gone.


Oh they’re Irish all right. They ooze Irish-ness. In fact, they tell us they’re the real, original Irish - pure undiluted Gaels. Like one big happy family.
(Under Part V Regulations 10% of all new new developments have to be “social housing” - i.e. a free gaff for those who couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed. In this particular estate it takes just 5% to make the place unbearable. For those of you who live in a mature, private estate count yourselves lucky - the future isn’t going to be pretty.)


216 houses and 10 of those have ‘issues’. That’s 5% - not that bad then.

Besides it is hardstands that cause all those problems according to the Mayor of Galway
Some say hardstands are a failed entity, others say they can work like a dream … llors-044/


Ireland already has housing settlements reserved for a particular ethnic group.

By most accounts it hasn’t been very successful for most involved.


20,000 cases of suspected welfare fraud reported in 2016 … are-fraud/


You can absolutely say that again.


I have a distant relative being pursued for thousands by DSP for a dubious claim dating back 13 years.

It only came to light after she made a completely unrelated claim a few years back which revealed contradictory circumstances.

They are slow but persistent. It also shows evidence of data mining techniques that I wouldn’t have expected.


If you move abroad cancelling child benefit is weirdly difficult. I thought it was strange they wouldn’t just take a letter but several people had the same experience. They really make it a PITA… “Is your husband working abroad for an Irish company because you might still be entitled” “No, please stop paying me”


Varadkar was on The Last Word earlier this eve and said bout 200 people per year get prosecuted for Welfare fraud.
That’ll put the fear of God in them


That is not a small number.

Prosecution requires a high burden of proof and (usually) persistent and/or egregious breaches of the law. Smaller breaches are dealt with by way of clawback.

The issue with the Irish welfare system is not that the rules are too lax, or that they are easy to break.

The issue is that the rates of payment are high and conditionality is weak.