The Unaffordable Welfare State


He’s pretty well-respected in Galway and a lot of people will agree with what he say, but privately.
NUIG snowflakes have already started whining


And why wouldn’t you head off to Vegas for a ‘brother’s friend’s 30th’ and you on single parents allowance since 1997 (since she turned 18), currently worth €319 a week plus all the other state handouts involved with having 4 kids and the father(s) not living with you.
A new partner on the scene who you jokingly ‘marry’ in Vegas because your drunk but he’s not living with you, no way is he! … 30355.html


I actually believe her claim that she thought it wasn’t a legal marriage under Irish law, there is zero chance that someone like that would do anything that could result in a welfare cut

If you subsidise bad behaviour, expect more of it


I agree Dude, there’s no way she’d have risked losing the allowance by getting married. It’s a prank that went wrong


or she thought they wouldn’t find out

“what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

(for the most part anyway!)


Do you believe she went to Vegas to celebrate the 30th. Birthday of her brother’s friend? 'Cos a lone parent will travel the globe to be with a brother whenever one of his mates passes the big Three-0 8DD


Its possible, I have no interest in ever setting foot in the place, but for some Vegas is the acme of human achievement

A look at the wedding pictures would settle it easy enough, big difference between someone getting “married” for a joke after a big session and someone having a special day


Amazing what a few minutes on Google can turn up. Timeline only goes back to late 2012 - incredibly! I wonder when she actually did get married? Was there another proper, non “joke” of a wedding? … 1521814167

Feb 2013

*“Just want to say thanks to the hubbie for yesterday spoiled me as always x x x x x love it”

“Have to say that sunday roast was masso now lying on the chair watchin the hubbie do the clean up mwahhhhhhh. Lol”*

From March 2013

*“Just chillin loke a vilan with the hubby on the sofa love them days yet the ones that he takes a day off work lol”

From Feb 2015

"Thats me packed and ready to spend ny birthday with me husband in mancheste*r


It’s a great little country


Epic stuff this one. It’s got it all…Nigerians who ‘arrived’ in Ireland, false identity, dole, housing benefits, mortgage under the false identity thats now clocking up the arrears, a simple put-upon wife who gets off because she’s a woman.

Couple in Kildare sentenced over ‘one of largest welfare fraud cases in the State’ … 2-Mar2018/


Grapevine gossip is there is more cases like this upcoming
It’s odd that it is not politically sensitive, yet if you mention a traveller having a €40k vehicle whilst on social welfare, the DSP & Revenue back off.


Far from being given a (fully suspended) prison sentence, this woman should be awarded a national honour in recognition of her achievements in overcoming huge disadvantages and, despite the lowest measurable level of intelligence, obtaining mortgage finance, claiming numerous welfare benefits and raising four children, all without causing the slightest concern to our financial institutions, our welfare system or our schools.


The DPP doesn’t investigate.

The anti-fraud unit in the DSP could run amok if they investigated claimants’ social media postings.

Do you think there’s a real will to clamp down on fraud?


There’s been a trend on social media for a couple of years now for people in Ireland to change their names on social media in order to deliberately frustrate searches by DSP. “John Murphy” changing his name to “jJohn Murphy” is the style I’ve observed - recognisable by their friends but a search for the former doesn’t yield the latter or least puts jJohn down the list of hits.


It would be far more sensible to just change privacy settings so that your posts are private to friends, but I guess that doesn’t help if you get tagged in a photo on some other moron’s feed.


Call to restore unemployment benefits to pre-crash levels … mployment/

That’s what we need, more barriers for returning to employment


Where would ya get it! … 75921.html


New Telephone Support Allowance from June 2018 … -2018.html


Kitty Holland in single parent puff piece shocker! Now that abortion is cool, give us more money? … -1.3516672


Just goes to show nothing has been learned from the last crash.