The Unaffordable Welfare State


Are all children equal in this Republic?
Minister Regina Doherty has indicated she’s prepared to examine cutting child benefit for higher earners to pay for childcare for all.
The Minister will get her officials to look at households earning more than €100k that are also getting child benefit, and seek to means-test the benefit. … 78212.html


No probably not but untargeted universal benefits are not the way to go. If it was targeted fair enough but there were a lot of these sweeties for all type benefits around the last time the music stopped.

Edited: Sorry just saw its only applicable to 124,000 people, I thought it was the old package being reintroduced.


We’ve run the number a few times before although not in the last year but that’d probably be enough of a push for myself or herself to switch to part time working. We’re currently separately assessed too.


A nurse and a Guard would have their childrens allowance cut at that point, no?


Think Regina thinks she’s in the socialist party,I imagine she got a right arse kicking from her FG colleagues,what a donkey she is.

#556 … 85519.html

Arse well and truly kicked, publically.


Leo is proud anyway


shame about his grammar :smiling_imp:


so did the judge

Las Vegas wedding woman acquitted of social welfare fraud … -1.3553923


Las Vegas wedding woman acquitted of social welfare fraud … -1.3553923

Hereafter, no one can be sure they’re really married or, looking on the bright side, you could walk out of your “marriage” with a judicial blessing. Just get very pissed and stay that way throughout the ceremony 8DD


Another fine day for the untouchables on the court benches. What leaders they are :sick:


Now the funny thing is she would have had to go visit in person the Clark County Government Office to physically pick up and sign the Marriage License at least 24 hours before the marriage ceremony.

I know they do things differently in Nevada but if either party turned up drunk at the County Clerks Office in California to sign a Marriage License the license would not be issued. Even given LV reputation and Clark County governments somewhat interesting and colorful history I am sure that if either party was incapacitated due to drink the license would not be issued. For a start NV is a Common Law state, most of its statute law derived from CA, so any signature on the license by an incapacitated party would be null and void. And the Country Clerk as the notary pubic witness to the license would be committing a felony offense if they allowed the document to be signed by an incapacitated party.

So I’m calling bullshit on the " sure I was drunk, your honour, and I did not know what I was doing I thought it was a bit of a laff" defense. You first have to sign a lot of official documents and show a lot of official documents to a government official in a big government building to get married in Los Vegas.

The Elvis Impersonator officiated ceremony is the following day.

So straight up welfare fraud.


Now now jmc, the esteemed Judge summarised as follows: Dismissing the case, the judge said he had studied her demeanour when she testified and he added that her evidence was effectively uncontroverted.
He also allowed the defence of “honest though unreasonable belief”.

Who are we mere mortals to question a Judge and a good citizen who has lived off welfare all her adult life.


Imagine the message that sends out to the social welfare inspector. Suspects a client of cohabitation. Looks into it, comes back with a marriage cert. Puts in a big effort to get it to court and is now getting laughed at by the client.


Dept of Finance admits: *[Ireland is a welfare state * (
Almost every person in Ireland benefits, directly or indirectly, from some form of social welfare payment
We rely too much on “monetary social transfers” to address social inequalities.


I think that’s an overstatement even based on the statistics quoted in the report - about half the population receive regular social payments. We have a population of 4.8 M. while

Even if you count all the children whose parents receive childrens allowance, you get 2.5 M. , just over half the population.

I think a more notable point is:

The image of social welfare as “dole” is totally outdated. About half the weekly payments are to pensioners. Then there are 270K. “invalids” plus “carers”, far more than job seekers at present. Hence, our welfare bill keeps rising despite the dramatic fall in unemployment and demographics guarantee that pension payments will drive up social expenditure for decades to come.

The most pressing problem is not that almost everyone benefits, it is that almost 20% of households have no-one working regularly - way above the EU average.


Budget 2019: Government urged to consider increase in PRSI
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection says rise in PRSI could be used to pay for Ireland’s welfare regime … -1.3596300

This place is beyond redemption XX


The Irish Times clarified its reporting today (without acknowledgement):

But if you add all the children benefitting from childrens allowance to the 2 million who are said to be beneficiaries of welfare payments, you get 3.2 million beneficiaries, two-thirds of the whole population! … -1.3596300


Good thing the magic pudding funds these welfare recipients or the tax payers might get angry.


Good thing that most tax payers benefit from the magic pudding or they might get angry.