The unravelling of the great buy-to-let scam

From the same article

Ah Canny, I hardly knew ye.

Interesting read that article.

I think ‘Irish Investor’ is going to become a simile for stupidity in the future.

For Sunderland read Longford if you will :frowning:

This article is a must !!!

Our council tenants will be in the suburbs (sandyford) and not only will they have a better kitchen but they’ll also have a concierge.

I doubt any buy to let in Sunderland came with the exceptionally generous Tax reliefs that were available in Longford,lets face it you could pretty much write off the cost of the house in LEGIT avoidance in a matter of a year(granted you are then obliged to hold it for 10 years but wtf)if you have other rentals.