The US Post Office bailout

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I have a registered letter from Ireland sitting in a USPO/homeland security warehouse on the East coast since December…

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yup, she really did say that.

Chapter 11 the mother…

Thats what happens when the unions use their tame reps to get no layoff, no cuts contracts. Just like the story of the nationalized industries in the the UK which depended on taxpayer subsidies, eventually they have no industry.

Chapter 11 the USPS, fire everyone and hire back the 40% who are needed at half the cost then maybe the USPS might survive another decade or two.

The USPS costs are more than double the private competitors and there are far far too many post offices for the business they do. Same goes for mail pick up points. Plus like all terminal industries they have the usual tendency to shut down services that people use (and are profitable) but do have not political clout thereby accelerating the downward spiral. I used to spend several hundred dollars p.a sending international surface packages. They stopped the surface service, now air mail only and four time more expensive. Result. I now spend at most $30 p.a max.

And so it goes…

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