The Use of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) SPHE in Irish Schools

The Regime has many targets to hit by end of year. This one needs its own dedicated topic.

This is where we were 3 years ago

INTO LGBT primary teaching in 2019


That escalated quickly and predictably

Unreal & of course printed in the Indo on the hottest day of the year when few will be reading the papers

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Long Way From Top Shelf

You would expect JC students to be have the capacity to understand that headline and article - contamination contamination contamination.

You could call it The Pornification of Daily Life

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Some of the lads behind the progressiveness

What a weasel article this is. Playing on the fears of parents, seeming to decry the effects of the internet while celebrating it, saying our children are more advanced now while demonstrating that advancement is in areas they cannot handle.

It’s all with a transparent “Sex Positive” framework to reflect the secular Sex Religion we live under.

Simple question for Tanya Ward: Is sexual activity, with 'consent", between our children a “good thing”? Because it seems like your new curriculum is teaching that it is.

TBH there’s always been sexual activity between the youth but I wouldn’t be surprised if a main driving force behind this is Gay men. They are promoting more underage gay activity. They missed out on Gay Wesley. They probably think it would have cured their own current self hate. It won’t. But they’ll make the entire society participate in a sick strategy to fix their sick minds.

First, the consent angle is grooming children and greater society to accept pedophiles getting access to children and being abused by adults in general in ways that where unthinkable only a few years ago - Think about it.

Second, they write these pieces and place or frame the parents as helpless and powerless like they are their own children, not actual adults who are parents of children.

Third, oh look another NGO calling for more, more and even more… Sugar Daddy Government!

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Paywalled but maybe some pinster could work some magik?

“Scholars now say paedophilia is a sexual orientation that should be accepted by society”

I was able to find a readable version of this article on telegram.

Combined tweets:

I have received a response from @RTE following my FOI request and can now confirm that training sessions have been carried out at Ireland’s national state broadcaster by both ShoutOut and BeLong To - both of which deliver workshops that promote gender identity theory.

My question for RTE is this - how can our national state broadcaster maintain an impartial stance on issues relating to gender identity when training is being given to staff that encourages a particular way of thinking about it? Has the impartiality of RTE been compromised?

When women express concerns about the erasure of the word woman, when people ask questions or disagree with gender identity theory, then how can RTE fairly cover these issues when staff are being taught to think about them in one particular way?

The uproar that erupted following the three @rteliveline shows that explored issues relating to erasure of the word woman from legislation, the banning of women from the @NWCI AGM, and gender identity theory more broadly indicates that these types of discussions are all too rare.

Can @RTE provide assurance that they will allow space on our national airwaves for people who do not subscribe to gender identity theory? For people who believe the word woman should be retained in our legislation? For people who do not believe people can change sex?

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They want a free for all with your children

What did you think of Elly Barnes’s advice to teachers as the keynote speaker at INTO’s conference in Wexford that they should avoid consulting with parents over what type of sex education their children will be receiving?

FWIW I wouldn’t mind too much if pornography was addressed in a truthful manner without any reference to the actual material-IE: it’s having poor, marginalised and desperate people perform sexual acts publicly for other’s gratification. They could talk about the destroyed futures, suicides, addiction, sexual assaults, scumbag producers, diseases, coerced homosexual acts etc.


Tomorrow is the final day to submit your objections to the new proposed sex education that they intend to introduce into Irish schools.

Please submit your objections to

You can find a draft submission that you can use/amend at:

A Review of Relationship and Sexuality Education in Ireland – Irish Council for Human Rights

src: Telegram: Contact @freepressire