The Venezuela Thread


Or so the twitter machine says
#Venezuela’s FM affirms that the death of President #Chávez will be officially announced soon


BBC News says no. “Delicate” condition after cancer surgery. Who knows.


Sooner he’s gone the better imo


Really? What’s wrong with him? I don’t know much about South American politics but he always sounded OK, if slightly nutty, to me.


He has a cult status, his passing could create a lot more internal instability.

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So democracy is fine as long as it works in your favour?


Works well in Ireland. :angry:


well i think the difference between Ireland and Venezuela is that most of the politicians in Ireland are on the one side and it`s not ours!!


Let’s face it he’s had 4 operations in 18 months. It doesn’t look too good for him.

He hasn’t been sworn in yet. If he doesn’t survive January they have to have elections again. If he survives January he or his vice president are in for 6 years.


If he does die, which we all do eventually, I bet his supporters will try to somehow blame their opposition.


Chavez already blamed the Yanqui Imperialists … eapon.html

and Pravda, no less … _cancer-0/


Pravda would know; that’s what Litvinenko’s polonium was supposed to do…


Some, actually many, of the stories are bizarre. I was wondering if I had wandered onto a spoof site


It sounds like he’s bought the Farm & the boys are fighting it out to decide who succeeds him when they turn off the ventilator.

From the Beeb


“We’re more unified than ever” sounds a bit like “We’ve turned another corner”. Don’t you just love regime speak.


What colour is the Venezuelan jersey?



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I saw this documentary very soon after it came out in 2003 and was really impressed by it. It was made by an Irish crew who happened to be there when there was an attempted coup and it’s really gripping!

I have visited Venezuela a few times and it is a country of huge opposites, deep poverty and phenomenal wealth. Up until Chavez took over (I don’t agree with the dictatorship aspect of his governing) the poor had no voice whatsoever. There were 2 main political parties that were very alike (remind people of anywhere?) These were Copei and Accion Democratica, who swapped government every so often. There was huge corruption and very little possibility of any change.
IMHO, despite obvious flaws in his government, Chavez has brought about some much needed changes in Venezuela and has made a very positive difference in the lives of the marginalised there.


Even corrupt politicians in Ireland made much needed changes but the crooked system they set in place is what dominates and in the long run overwhelms, by far, any good they did.

Chavez may have done some good but he has positioned his country for civil war should he lose the election and practically threatened civil war should he lose the election.

What good would anything he has done be then?