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All suffering aside, from an outsiders perspective, I find it fascinating to watch a country slide into dictatorship.

Bit by bit, citizen’s liberties and legislative powers get chipped away.

The whole thing is obviously going to descend into utter chaos/anarchy.

Wont be long before martial law is announced (or has it been already ?).

I suppose in the end, it’s all decided on whoever the army supports.


What’s the potential for a refugee crisis?


They have already been fleeing for several years to neighbouring countries and I work and live alongside some of them living here in Dublin and supporting their families back home. They can’t get passports without the appropriate bribes and paper shortage. They you have to watch your back for SEBIN (the secret police) and if people think you have something worth stealing they will murder you to take it.


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I wonder if a coup is gathering.


It’s only a matter of time before Maduro is replaced and definitely well before 2022.


Venezuela crisis: Helicopter launches attack on Supreme Court

Looks like it could the start of something bigger…

[Edit] or maybe not

Venezuelan President’s Claims of Helicopter Attack Contested


Venezuela’s political crisis (CaspianReport from Baku, Azerbaijan)

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Venezuela is poorer in per capita terms today than it was in 1965. Back then it was the richest country in Latin America, and on a par with western Europe.

I think it is the only country in the world where this is the case.

Global income per head has gone up 2-and-a-half times in the same period.

This stuff doesn’t happen by accident. It is down


What about Cuba, weren’t they also a very rich country before Castro took over?


It’s mad to think concorde flew there weekly until the late 80s.


It depends how you count wealth. In absolute GDP Cuba was quite wealthy and extrapolated out, on average Cubans were wealthier than some of the southern states in the USA but the reality was that there were a small number of very wealthy but the vast majority were very poor hence the revolution.


Even before it became a bolt hole for the american mob it had instigated healthcare initiatives that raised life expectancy above the regions norms. Of course decades later Castro appropriated those earlier advancements as his own achievement.


GDP per capita is a measure of income, not wealth, but never mind.

Life expectancy was already very high in Cuba before the revolution. There are good reasons to doubt the numbers that show that it is higherthan the US today.

It would be interesting to see what the *actual *income inequality stats are for Cuba today, but they don’t collect them you see.

0.38 would put it well behind Ireland and most of Europe as well as Chile but ahead of Mexico at the time.



In general you don’t see a big reduction in the Gini without a prolonged and meaningful rise in average incomes. Chile and South Korea are good examples of this.


Meanwhile back in Ireland… … -1.3183787

please someone help process Eilin Ryan’s logic because all I can think WTF WTF WTF!!!


I think it’s safe to say Venezuela is now officially cream-crackered … as in, things are about to get much worse than they have been already. The country missed bond payments this month, and other rating agencies are likely to follow S&P in declaring it to be in default. Inflation is predicted to soar to several thousand percent. The state oil company, which is technically already in default itself, cannot bring in enough hard currency to pay its own debts let alone prop up the nation. Bond payments of $13 bn due by the end of next year are already greater than the country’s entire foreign reserves. The IMF is excluded from the country and it is hard to see how the next step isn’t more of the mass starvation already evident in rural parts. For the time being Maduro remains more determined to blame foreign governments than to do anything constructive, even as the people die of hunger. Que Dios te ayude, Venezuela! … a-defaults