The Venezuela Thread


they can leave their civil war at home, thank you.

the workers party supported the rail strikes, but couldnt give a fook about the other workers who still had to make it into work.


A mass exodus of Venezuelans into Colombia as refugees cannot be ruled out at this point.

I think only at that point will the rest of the world wake up.

Ricardo Hausman’s interviewon this is essential listening.


he UN will be very happy with more refugees


Things are not looking good. … -1.3332429


“It is safe to say that if the Communists took over the Sahara Desert tomorrow, two things would happen. First, nothing. And second, with their centralized approach to the market, there would be a shortage of sand.” source

Oil-rich Venezuela is out of gas - ->

Once a Cash Cow, Venezuela’s Oil Company Now Verges on Collapse - -> … pdvsa.html

The most competent people in the oil industry left many years ago, many went to work in the Canadian oil sands having experience with heavy oil. The government nationalised the oil industry and stuffed it with useless workers, stripped it of profits and ran down it’s capital reserve so even when oil prices were rising Venezuelan output was constantly falling during the same period. They also subsidised petrol in that country to the extent that people smuggled the fuel to Columbia.

Maybe the Irish government should hire them as consultants to solve the housing problems. (sic).

Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk - -> … SKBN18W1EX

Brazil orders Venezuela’s top diplomat to leave country - -> … a-41939310

Venezuelans scramble to survive as merchants demand dollars - -> … SKBN1EK0XK

Twenty-eight arrests after Venezuela looting, violence - -> … SKBN1EK1CL


One of the reasons Colombia has had an oil boom is because Chavez fired large numbers of skilled staff from PDVSA in the late 90s early 2000s on political grounds.

They all went to Colombia.


Maduro has become the classic despot. Now he’s blaming Portugal for ruining Christmas. He promised subsidised ham for Christmas roasts, but it didn’t show up. Maduro went on TV with a rather incredible story, blaming sabotage by foreign governments including Lisbon: “We were chased by two giant ships that came and sabotaged us, but only for now”. The truth is much more mundane. The Portuguese company who were to supply the ham haven’t yet been paid for two thirds of last year’s consignment. … deliveries … SKBN1EM1E9


After telling porkies about pork, Maduro is now doling out a 40% increase to the minimum wage. At current rates of inflation that’ll cover a little over a month of price increases.


I run my own business (sole trader).
I’m slashing my list of clients this year as it’s simply too much to manage.
Using the old 80/20 rule, I’m getting rid of high maintenance, low value cases whilst holding onto the cream.

It’s not the big stuff, but the small micro-managing that has driven me to it.

In the last week I’ve had to resolve a dispute with a (long-standing) tenant who got a dog without the permission from the landlord, I had to order 8 parts for a fecking dishwasher, screw in a shelf, drive a round trip of 90 miles just to collect keys and scramble to find a replacement on a tradesman who bailed on me even though the job was agreed 3 months ago.

It’s my own fault.
I’ve a management delegation failing where if someone lets me down, I tend to just do it myself.

When I see Maduro blaming others for the failure to deliver pork, I recognise the same problem. He’s micro-managing.
There have been such abject failings from the very top to the very bottom, that the president of a country is getting involved in pork deliveries.
His involvement exposes how the Venezuelan bureaucracy is so entirely hollowed out that nobody all the way up to the government can deal with such a trivial matter.
So the president feels the need to become involved.

There is, of course, the question whether people are afraid to take decisions in case it comes back to bite them ?
If the answer to this problem is simply the suppliers haven’t been paid, then nothing any bureaucrat can do to resolve the dispute (beyond paying), so why put yourself in the proverbial (for now) firing line.

As someone with a deep interest in politics and economics, I find Venezuela absolutely captivating to watch.
It’s horrendous for the citizens, but as a political science experiment, it’s a fascinating case study on how not to do things.


Venezuela helicopter attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez in bloody siege


Venezuela helicopter pilot Oscar Pérez killed in raid


Hunger crimes: … 44269.html

#233 … or-prayers


Barring Major Reforms, Venezuela’s Oil Industry Is Finished – Forbes

Venezuela has six times the oil reserves of the US, but produces only one sixth as much oil.


This is what happens when you appoint political cronies to positions they lack the expertise for.

The final collapse has to occur shortly.
I’m sure Maduro will cling to power through the military, fighting the imaginary foreign invaders.
Will it end in mass slaughter though ?


Venezuela crisis: UN says security forces killed hundreds


Venezuelan ‘daughters of Chavismo’ exposed living lavishly overseas

SOP mob socialism.


Vive la Révolution!


Looks like xenophobia towards immigrants is rising in South America. … n-america/


Four legs good, two legs better.


Venezuela’s Oil Meltdown Defies Belief … elief.html