The Venezuela Thread


Seems like the only thing Maduro can do well is stay in power

He should have been gone a long time ago


1,000,000 Bolivars!




1 Euro equals 140,234.68 Venezuelan Bolívar
1 United States Dollar equals 119,900.00 Venezuelan Bolívar

from the article.
*Currency conversions are tricky in Venezuela given its byzantine multiple exchange-rate system. But in the black market – where most people buy and sell dollars – 2,000,000 bolivars is worth less than $1

That’s a big discrepancy.


I was there 2010 ish.

A lot of the cash transactions were done in US dollars then.

I suspect almost everything is now.


Venezuela President Maduro ‘survives drone attack’


Weird CIA shite im sure. Only they could do something this wacky and hamfisted


Could be, or else its just a stunt by the regime


Did they detail what type of drones were used ?

I’ve a feeling it’s one of these …


It was 2x DJI M600’s.
These sell for around $5000 each. They are used for cinematic photography and aerial mapping/surveying.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Orders Arrest of Opposition Leader in Connection With Maduro Assassination Attempt

#251 … y-overhaul


Venezuela seizes Smurfit Kappa plant


An easy to understand piece of the roots of the problem


That piece was written by this man.

It’s useful to have many perspectives on these topics. But be aware of the authors ideological background when deciding as a reader if his points are valid or not.


That’s good to know, thanks!


Never would have guessed he was on the side of the regime


Nicolás Maduro: Fury over Venezuela leader’s Salt Bae ‘feast’


50 Bolivars*!

*In August 2018, Venezuela re-denominated the bolivar, lopping five zeros off it. Today’s price of 50.00 “new” bolivars is equal to 5,000,000 old bolivars. Converted into dollars, that comes to less than $0.50.


Any guesses on what it will be worth next week (in dollar terms) ?


Well done Mary Lou