The Venezuela Thread


In answer to my own question, it’s now over 250,000 to the dollar.


Pompeo says Venezuela’s Maduro government is ‘illegitimate’ … SKCN1P60FL

Colombia proposes new regional bloc to isolate Venezuela … 504332412/

‘Bolsonaro is Hitler!’ Venezuela’s Maduro exclaims amid Brazil spat … SKCN1P82FJ

Dr. Ron Paul with a 3rd party take on events.


Bank of England urged to give Juan Guaidó Venezuela’s gold … las-maduro

Probably a bit of a spun story, but interesting nonetheless.


Venezuela: US withdraws all staff from Caracas embassy


I see orange Hitler and the gringos shut down the electrical grid

Will the evils of the Yankee imperialists ever end

The running dogs of capitalism will fail, the dear leader will restore power to the proletariat, while at the same time increasing wages and cutting electricity costs



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Julie.DJT’sgirl @BackatyouLife76

Y’all go back in time…this is Venezuela all over again. This is Brazil 20 yrs ago all over. Here we are and they are really going to do it knowing full well the tragic consequences.

White House aides prep $3 trillion jobs package for Biden White House advisers are expected to present a two-part, $3 trillion jobs and infrastructure proposal to President Joe Biden as soon as this week, according to two people familiar with the