The Venezuela Thread


Divisive economic policies laying the groundwork for civil strife or suffering… no one can claim exclusive rights to strategy and the Club includes a lot o f the major democracies including our own.


I am not as up to date on Venezuelan politics as I used to be BJBE, so I don’t know anymore from information on the ground whether you are correct or not. If you are right, I would be extremely worried.

Is there a possibility that you are getting your information from sources that have a vested interest in manipulating information in order to discredit Chavez for the sake of maintaining the original elite groupings? If you look at the documentary, there are a number of examples of the way in which all of the commercial TV stations completely altered information, in one case about a public demonstration and made it look as if pro-Chavez supporters were shooting at anti-government demonstrators, when the reverse was the case and in another case by not showing any news about the fact that the coup had failed and pretending that the new regime was still in place. In my opinion, the irish film-makers who made the documentary would not have had any vested interest in showing Chavez in a positive light. I am just asking to check, it is not my intention to discredit your sources of information.


Without wanting to go all Godwin; it’s impossible to avoid comparing Venezuela to Germany in the 30s, right down to blaming Enemies within & outside influences for anything that ever goes wrong. There were lots of positive movie reels around the world about the German miracle in the late 30s, & how this Fascism gig was to be admired & emulated.

Of course these documentary makers didn’t get to see the T4 program sterilising & eventually executing kids with Downs Syndrome; or see the early concentration camps with anyone who disagreed, or just didn’t agree enthusiastically enough with every word the Fuhrer uttered !

What dirty secrets didn’t these guys see ?


ah this is getting ridiculous childish and incredibly stupid chavez has been democratically elected by his own people despite US meddling. the grave sin chavez has committed is he is helping the indigenous population who were completely excluded before he came to power. Instead of threatening his neighbours he has helped them out. Siding with iran and giving 2 fingers to the columbian puppet government probably doesnt help either in the western msm. The Economist shows itself for the rag that it is especially with its coverage, they are begging for him to die if he hasnt done so already.

i can think of other govs who are imposing police states on their citizens, supporting terrorism worldwide and and aggresively threatening oil rich countries with sanctions or worse. Obama is 100 times the hitler than chavez would ever be

for some half decent analysis about chavez pepe escobar is worth a listen


Unwind your spincture Vador :unamused:

I was just responding to comments like:

Would you agree that most Germans, & indeed many outsides would have said all of those things about Hitler in 1936 ?

I just don’t like & trust populist rulers; they get appointed by pandering to the mob, & results are all to often horrific.


Not really, the night of the long knives should have given plenty of food for thought to Germans. They were looking for another Kaiser, though…


chavez has been in power for something like 12 years now and has never cracked down on the opposition. hitler had murdered/imprisoned/deported all his opponents shortly after taking office in 1933. When does populist become democratic? would enda be populist by burning the bondholders? or is it better be non populist and throw your election promises out the window the moment u get elected? Would u concede that the lot of the average Joe in Venezuela is better now than before Hugo came to power?


fact or fiction? … ugo-chavez


well a quick google search shows that tsunami testing story is true … coast.html

dont know about the alkaline though :smiley:


I’ve previosuly linked to that story here, with some other fun stuff I’m sure you’ll all love.

I’ve indirectly adopted a quasi alkaline diet for other reasons at times and it does work. It’s not easy since you need ot be well prepared and understand what food are ok and harder if you have to get off modern sugar. I’m not sure there is one definitive source on the ph vales of food. So it takes time to learn as we are all tuned different but the same principles apply.

As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, but sadly in the modern sense a lot of food is poison to people. If you are healthy and stress free you can consume generally anything but simply not all the time. Balance.


Doesn’t look like he’s got long.


Not a chemist, but I’m told sugar is neither an acid nor a base. Is that not correct?


Me neither…

Sugar is carbs… the acidity/alkaline is in relation to all other food not sugar.


Nice quote, and true.

Anyway, BBC reporting Chavez is dead.


Sad news. Rest in peace.


US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez’ Death - -> … -wake.html


Cheer up, it isn`t all bad. It is one less supporter for the murderous dictator in Syria.


And he has been proved right in his assessment. No argument there.


More legitimate than any other existing Syrian government.


To be fair, in Syria as in many places, it’s Hobson’s choice of one bunch of murderous thugs over another.