The Venezuela Thread


Ive merely responded to points introduced by others!

ie the pissing away of an oil-boom…

ie the extent to which Chavez’s Venezuela has performed vis a vis other societies as per the list of SWFs referenced by yourself as an indicator of performance!

Re the question that you seem to be posing as to whether the wider populations of both Venezuela and Qatar et al may be better off with a Norwegian standard of living and Norwegian style governance, Id have to say that yes, I think they probably would…and no I wont be mentioing that straw man characer you referenced earlier in the thread … :wink:


Good old socialism for you.


I’d hardly say that the founding fathers had plasma TVs and AC units in mind as essentials for the oppressed masses!


The economic calculation problem rears it’s head again. They have the audacity to claim that “voluntary exchange” aka the free market does not work, that it must be regulated by wise overlords, yet time and time again they repeat the same mistakes. They have no way to answer this devastating critique of socialism and its impossibility as a viable political and economic system.

But Mises does not stop with the demonstration that socialism must eradicate economizing activity within the social nexus; he also traces out its implications for the development of the human mind. With the dissolution of social production that inevitably ensures upon the imposition of a world-embracing socialist state, humanity is reduced in short order to dependence upon economic activities carried on in relative isolation. The primitive production processes suitable to autarkic economies do not require economic calculation using cardinal numbers nor do such simple processes offer much scope for purely technical calculation. No longer dependent upon arithmetic operations to sustain itself, the human mind begins to lose its characteristic ability to calculate.

Mises’s analysis of the effects of socialism also has another momentous implication. With the impossibility of building up and maintaining a capital structure in the absence of monetary calculation, human economy under socialism comes to consist of super-short and repetitive household processes utilizing minimal capital and with little scope for adjustment to new wants. The result is that time itself–in the praxeological sense of a distinction between present and future–ceases to play a role in human affairs. Men and women, in their capitalless, hand-to-mouth existence, begin to passively experience time as the brute beasts do–not actively as a tool of planning and action but passively as mere duration. Humanity as a teleological force in the universe is therefore necessarily a creation of the inextricably related phenomena of calculation and capital.** In a meaningful sense, then, socialism not only exterminates economy and society but the human intellect and spirit as well.**



Plasma TVs and AC units weren’t around then.


Get up the yard BR…ever worked in a factory or a poxy office job? Im guessing you or whoever wrote the above haven’t if you or they think that to “passively experience time as the brute beasts do” is limited to life under socialism…

Again, WTF? Humanity as a “teleological force”? On whose or whats behalf? Perhaps some form of answer to the great question contained therein might actually shed some light…otherwise it seems we’re stuck with self-serving subterfuge and the “inextricably related phenomena of calculation and capital” as the defining elements of humanity…what of the illiterate and the capital-less??? Do they not fall within the remit of the disciples’ of Von Mises’ definition of what affords one membership of the human race?

Jesus BR, Do you really buy into this stuff? Its only a step or two away from some seriously sinister ‘solutions’…


A 2013 version of ‘Let them eat cake’ - ‘Let them watch with Plasma TVs’.

I wonder, when all the plasmas and other electronics are gone, who will they ‘blame’ next for their failings ?


Maybe they should try a Mars shot!


Columbia. Expect some sort of border skirmish when all else fails.


They don’t have the resources for that and if they were foolish enough to try, it would hasten their demise. The Argentinians tried it in the Falklands to avert collapse, the ruling junta collapsed anyway.

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Mannequins Give Shape to a Venezuelan Fantasy


He sounds like an objectionable type but are these exadurated versions of the female form not really only coming from the same place as the exaduratedly thin versions of the same that tend to be the norm in Europe?..just catering to a different cultural taste…

Having said that, its quite an eye-opener to wander around a shopping mall in any of Colombia’s bigger cities…the amount of women with gigantic implants is beyond belief…and they not only ‘implant’ them in their breasts but also in their posteriors as to have a large rounded ‘culo’ is as important as the other in rendering one attractive to the opposite sex…apparently its also quite common for a girl’s father to buy her implants as a sweet 16 birthday present…


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A lot like Ireland and houses…


More like Chile 1973 every day - and we know how that played out, and who was behind it.
With the difference that the army seems to support the government in Venezuela.


As long as the army gets paid first…

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Names Army General As Head Of Ministry Of Finance, Declares War On Economic Crisis -> … r-economic


This is not going to end well.