The Venezuela Thread

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Sales of cars in Venezuela down 80% due to Government interference.

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Venezuela in grip of severe tropical disease outbreak: NGOs - -> … break.html

Venezuela’s Maduro Deems Outbreak of Deadly Disease ‘Terrorism’ - -> … 1411083807


Sliding oil prices leave socialist Venezuela on brink of financial collapse - -> … -collapse/


or in the case of Venezuela petrodollars


If this witness is actually reliable, which I kinda doubt, or the allegations are otherwise proved, that Venezuela has effectively become a narco state, then we might have the basis for sanctions against Venezuela which might push up the price of oil. Unlikely to happen before the pubs close though. … rco-state/ … .html?_r=0


Was watching the current president on a Venezuelan news channel the other night (I can barely follow Spanish) but if pictures could tell a story then we’re probably heading to the hard right. No more colourful tracksuits and hopeful smiles. He was wearing a power suit and regal sash while standing in front of some dude on a horse with his sabre held high. He used very clear price graphs to explain the current shitsandwich state of the national finances.

He still blames the US for his nations woes saying that over production in the US was purely a plot to destabalise Venezuelan socialism but you can see him drift right. If he seizes total power in emergency measures he’ll blame the US for making him have to.


Venezuela has been teetering on the edge of a dictatorship for quite some time now.
Chavez handed out the goodies when the oil price rose, but since that tide has gone out, Venezuela has been found swimming naked.

Furthermore, it frequently appears in the league of world’s highest homicide rates.
Which should tell you there’s something much more than just oil & socialism bubbling under the surface.

Best avoided for the next 10 years.

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Venezuela’s Inflation Rate Is 200% and Credit Card Companies Are Cashing In - -> … oing-great

Clandestine dining on rise as Venezuelan chefs bypass frustrations - -> … 9W20150612

Minimum wage raised in Venezuela amid excessive inflation - -> … 34939.html


When I saw the thread title I thought you were going to report he had risen.
Oh well, maybe next time.


That was a quick thread title change.


Faced with Shortages, Venezuela Nationalizing Food Distribution - -> … tribution/


Guyana and Venezuela — Peace under law - -> … w_19221492


Venezuela: ‘Ours is a nation of thugs’ - via @FT


Fek me, I didn’t realise things were that bad over there


The Sh1t Show willnot be televised.


Far as I know the Chinese have lent $50bn to to Venezuela , so they threw in another $5bn on top of that recently. That makes $55bn. Venezuela sends them 700k barrels a day. Venezuelan oil is worth perhaps $30 a barrel as it is heavy oil. Thats $600m a month worth at present or $7bn a year. That should cover the loans, if nothing else. The $50bn, of course, is long spent. … 1K20150902

Then these is this other problem. Once Chavez came to power he accounted for every blob of tar, allegedly. If it is there and anything near that level it is pure tar…not heavy oil. :slight_smile:


Venezuela elections: socialists dealt a blow as opposition wins landslide - -> … -landslide

And more change in South America

Impeachment proceedings begin against Brazil’s President Rousseff - -> … index.html


With oil looking at further falls, Venezuela is royally screwed.

The irony is, their socialists continue to blame America, whereas it’s all down to the Saudi’s attempt to kill off the American shale industry.

A bit like Bertie and the two Brians pointing the finger at Lehmans.