The view from Canada.

The Globe and Mail, 22nd July 2010



Blue Horseshoe

Hmmm, didn’t I read the same in many of the Dubai is Doomed threads. Something tells me there’s a template out there.

That’ll mean a vacancy in Arnotts…

Job and dole cheque? Did I miss something?

i love how at the bottom of the article where people comment some lad is trying to get his end away with another poster! classic!

Yep, the one day a week bit. But sounds like the writer only uses their brain one day a week :unamused:

Must have been a different Ireland that I emigrated from 20 years ago :unamused:

From the comments…

Er, no…That might be the reaction in other countries. Ireland is different.

Rather than violent anger, the reaction is more like “Tut,Tut…would yer look at dem bankers and politicians!..shure, but what can yer do?..Anyway, what’s on de sport’s pages?”

Cheers, didn’t know that.