The Vision thread


Im no expert but maybe i can generate debate and get ideas from people who have a better idea of what should be done

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would like to add:

make a fanatical move to renewable energy.
Along with wage cuts across the nation - to minimise hardship caused by this - allow hauliers the use of green diesel.
Cut the tax on green diesel even more…

change bankruptcy laws with immediate effect.


Minimum wage is not a problem.


maybe not, but maybe it will become a problem when the multinationals from the US find their dollar is worthless and switch to monopoly money
my argument is cut wages while making living here cheaper. ideally, in a perfect world, wages and the cost of living could be brought down in line with one another and not cause any change in real income.

Probably impossible to do in reality


Using rail as the main long-distance means of haulage (directly connected to the main ports), and using trucks only for local deliveries from rail depots would make a huge difference to fuel consumption - of course, we’d probably need to reopen some of the 95% of the rail network which was closed in the 20th century.


You’re catching on…


It would decrease unemployment and increase the quality of services, in theory :smiley:


Why is the minimum wage not a problem? A big min wage - and we have a big one - is inflationary and as we cant compensate for this with our own currency will lead to unemployment.

Take the hotel sector, wages have gone from 30% to 42% of revenues in eight years as income hasnt matched the increases in the minimum wage (as we all think they are a rip off). Profitability a distant dream, sector is fucked, cue more unemployment.


Is the problem with the hotel sector not a lack of revenues? Too much competition, tax breaks unwinding, poor business models…


Anything less than 8.65 an hour and you’ll be close to social welfare rates of payment (jobseekers benefit) especially if you take the costs of working (commuting, petrol, childcare etc) into account. Let’s leave our workforce have some pride please. Min wage is too low as it is. It’s gonna take a long time for people to see any real reductions in living costs. Let’s not take away their hard-earned pay before tackling the exhorbitant cost of living.


Cut social welfare then. But agree - tackle cost of living first. how do we do it?
Childcare wont cost as much if the childminders dont get paid as much, and if living is cheap enough you could only need one person working.

But yeah we are clutching at straws here suggesting minimum wage cuts and the like. My hope for the thread was to get some good ideas from the clever people who post on the site.

We gotta have better suggestions than these…


Country Tom says we need to build more houses. For the immigrants like. I’m no economist but… if you look at Ireland 2000 - 2006 it worked wonders for their economy, making them the richest people since Xerces ruled the Persians.

The governments plan will end up being “can half of you emigrate please, and we will give you a shout when there’s another bubble on”.

We can forget about manufacturing, the game is up with that. Software engineering or anything intellectual property related is something worth promoting, as things like that cannot be exported to low cost economies, as your intellectual property will simply be robbed, repackaged and sold.

Multinationals (American) might be told to pack up and come home or face being taxed twice in approximately 40 days, especially if things are going bad. If that happens… god help us, we will be truly fucked.

Tourism, fantastic, but we have done nothing but gouge people for the last few years, it may take some time to recover.

We could manufacture futuristic aluminum cars?

I really dont have anything worthwhile to contribute. Sorry.


now i understand the knowledge economy.
We charge graduates for their degrees.

Then we export them :smiley:

Brilliant :smiley:


No bailouts for banks or developers. Tax payer has paid enough.
Link Euro fixed to gold .Germans will agree.Euro will attract huge
inward investment.

Reduce social welfare by 50% except O A P .
Abolish minimum wage.
Ecomony will flourish in 24 months . :exclamation:


Its more complicated than that. Yes many hotels that will never be profitable have been built over the past few years.

But the costs of doing business here is a big problem for the better established part of the sector when it comes to generating tourism from abroad.

I was just using this as an example anyway. Ok, I hear of lots of people going to Newry to do their shopping (I dont and wont). Retailers there have two big advantages - lower property costs and lower wage costs. There is a general assumption that in the rip off republic the extra costs we pay accrue as profits. This is not true.

If wages fall here it would force an adjustment to the cost of living. Ten years ago it would have been harder as there was a shortage of accomodation and demand marginalised the lower paid. We have now fixed that problem.

Anyway, I think the real fix for this country is broad wage constraint - that is the biggest issue in attracting jobs here (we used to be cost cometitive, now all we have are the tax advantages).


Your solution to the cost of living is issue is akin to Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams however.

If I cut their wages the cost of living will go down.

It’s an assertion that to suggest that a large amount of margin on any purchase doesn’t go directly into any business person’s pocket, each industry, product and service is different. Some lend themselves to benchmarking versus other economies, others don’t.

To take the Hotel trade, seeing as we kicked off there.

Let’s say a reasonably established attractive Hotel down the country with good trade, they’ve been using Eastern European staff on non-union contracts at the base minimum wage rate for the last ten years and you’re telling me, they’re still struggling to turn a penny?



True true. I was in Blarney village today and saw first hand a nice American family being charged €6 for a bowl of soup - it came with a smile and ‘diddly idle’ background music but still… Honestly. I felt so sorry for them I was tempted to run home and heat up some 70 cent Aldi stuff (which is lovely) and shove it in a flask for them. Tourism is good thinking though especially now that the whole world is stressed and depressed and could do with some ‘escape’ time. But we certainly need a tourism-plan that assures good services and good value for money.

Great thread.

I don’t know how to tackle the cost of living. I do think public sector spending has to be seriously investigated (by people from the private sector) to see where cutbacks can be made. I suspect we could save billions that way. Just look at FAS - 1 billion a year - that’s just insanity. What other government agencies are urinating away money? This needs to be urgently addressed.


Great! More spending on consultants!!!

FAS needs a budget, it is a necessary service.


maybe your right, I dont know either way. But what would you do to get the economy going?
Ive thrown up my ideas, even if they are half cooked :smiley:


I don’t have to turn the country around.

It’s all about me, me, me, while I wait for the revolution! BD