The Vision thread


speaking of the empties, if there was a another Chernobyl or such civil disaster in eastern europe and emergency accommodation was required, i guess the EU would be looking at those empties.

it could be a case of “ask not what the EU can do for ireland but what ireland can do for the EU”.

if our “leaders” baulk at that, then ireland will definitely be bounced out of the club.


In that worset case scenario it would be amazingly lucky that we’d have just built that fleet of at least 400 airship heavy lifters with a capacity for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people or more in a short space of time. :angry:


Public execution of the bubblemeisters…

concentrate the minds


Great stuff above :slight_smile:

More play, less ‘work-work’


The biggest and best change we can make is to get rid of all the current crop of politicians and quangos. They are dragging this country down. Only when these short-sighted, mostly self-serving people are gone can Ireland have a chance.

As it stands, entrepreneurship is punished by the government. If you want to start up a company, you immediately lose your PAYE tax credits, and the social welfare safety net is also removed. Unfortunately, the government seems to have this idea that all directors are very well paid. You’d have to be mad to start up a new business in Ireland right now.

This is the kind of crap the government is doing with our money, to ‘promote business’;

They really have no idea.
My company is successful (exporting knowledge based products) in spite of the government. We nearly went bust because of enterprise Ireland.




So technically speaking OW is a blood red loon.


Robots making robots. :angry:

Never mind the poles, watch out for the robs. :open_mouth:

one day they may decide t do their own “development” :nin


What about that free energy/perpetual motion machine company with the fancy viral morketing who were funded by government?


Lets keep it to the Visionary theme!


An end to parliamentary democracy and the ascendency of direct democracy.
It would operate along the lines of “Ireland’s Got Talent” where a panel of representatives put proposals to a public vote.
The panel are subjected to 24/7 surveillance, a sort of Nanny State inversion based on a familiar populist theme.

I haven’t bothered to develop the concept but I’ve decided the panel won’t get paid.
Prize money for individuals who excel may be an option, we’ll see.
Maybe seeing themselves on telly is enough remuneration.


A Meritocracy in some circles.

also sounds like You’re talking G.O.D, Government On Demand is People all wired up a la the pin x 10000000000 times more powerful. Equality of access to know de knowledge.

Information is humanities primary resource. Once humanity has universal access monumental change occurs beyond the capacity of any system formerly ending with an “isim” could ever have imagine less facilitate. Only humanity has the actual inbuilt capacity for the unlocking providing access to the primary human resource, information.

Humanity is the system and this equality of access only makesthe system (Humanity) work better to its fuller potnetial.

Its inevitable. The trend is utterly clear but not for one minute is I kidding myself it is plain sailing.

The challenge, to love ourselves enough to do it.


Could do worse!


All educational institutions need to fully embrace modern technologies: multi-media presentations, e-books, etc. Irish educational institutions should aim to become world leaders in this respect. We should then seek to export and even financially profit from our expertise. For instance, create courses that other EU educationalists could attend; expand the area of educational tourism.

Incentives should be available for top educational pioneers.


I’ve thought this a long time now, since about the age of 15 ( a lot of Star Trek & sci-fi back then) and I got my first e-ink powered e-reader about 2 years ago I was thrilled. There virtually no real limit as to what I can read all in one device, dream come true.

So I second that with gusto!

Think about this, we don’t’ stare at the Sun least we go blind. The eye was never designed to stare at a light but what it shone upon to find truth and learn, take that a step further and you will realise all the techniques that use light to communicate or destroy can entrance and enrapture people, interrogations, Cinema.

TV even stimulates the brains wave state increasing maximum suggestibility by reducing the critical faculties inducing a Zombie like state (covered here before) you’ll note as children who watch TV with head leaning jaw wide open as it reduces the motor facilities. I even catch myself doing it. (primarily of Cathrode Ray Tubes, not some much LCD or plasma…)


Me mammy said that if I loved myself to much I’d go blind. Everything has a price 8DD


What’s wrong with pen and paper?

I find the electronic medium quite restrictive and a limit on the mind’s creativity.

A good start would be to tell all Irish institutions (universities and ITs) to put all their lectures on a video server.

Exposing the Irish system to public scrutiny would weed out the men from the boys very quickly.


I don’t agree.

This technology has more power to realise human potential beyond what paper based mediums can achieve.
I use it mainly for reading, so its a total pleasure , a library in one device.
Come on this is amazing, a long way form carrying a stone tablet!

When you see an e-ink screen you’ll understand.

As for writing, yes I can see paper lasting much longer for this but you can write on this device and in time when they are lighter, thinner and faster (which they already are if you are in R&D) don’t be surprised your children will look and you funny and say “…paper Daddy?”


You mentioned enterprise - well there are 4 ministers - yes 4; not a typo - in the Government Dept responsible for it and it could be mistaken for a public relations agency.

Of course, they don’t understand much about enterprise - in the last 11 years, the senior minister either has been a teacher or a social worker - nothing wrong with that, but who would go to plumber if they had urological problems?

There was a group recently involved in producing a services export “strategy” and the official line was not to split data between foreign and locally-owned firms as it would highlight the insignificance of Irish firms in export services.

In the 1990’s, there was some hope of developing a high-tech sector but most remaining firms are now on respirators.

The public may believe that opening export markets just needs a minister on a trade mission. That again is part of the spoof/pr and most claimed “deals” relate to past business or are bs.

We covered some of these issues in an article earlier:

Irish Economy: US will remain very important to Ireland’s economic progress but a new approach is badly needed


Give the kids and pensioners half each of the FM radio spectrum and let them have at it. Bye bye commercial fuckwits.

Much would follow from there.