The Vision thread


That interesting.

1 Might I suggest as I have before that we use lifetime which is the lifetime as the perfect personal metric even though it can not be sure of longevity its is after all a fiat life we live right! :wink:

2 When I was younger I use to consider and explain with similar mining analogy. Indeed we where all being mined for our minerals, like walking talking asteroids in the mercantilian-corpo-wunder-verse being hunted and captured to be then mined for our golden goodies. I see the idea persists Its a compelling analogy and to my mind is more accurate of the economic hierarchy than anything else.

I don’t often quote members of former boybands but it couldn’t have been a more fitting context. I was out in the Airside retail park and a DJ was plonked at Harvey Normans blasting this shit out and I was struck by this lyrical run,

Ask yourself, making money for whom?


Alternative Energy…