The War on Children - Normies Suss something's up

10yo girls should not be exposed to perversion in their classrooms. Let kids be kids. This is an outrage against childhood!



As written in the other thread the other day:

The Long, Horrifying History of Groomers

They are coming for your children. They will have an advocate on the Supreme Court.

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GloboHomo simply does not encapsulate the endgame, so GloboPedo it is.

On the point raised in that article raised before here - New Minister for Children - Shortest Ministerial career in history or the "new normal"? - #37 by Open_Window


Our old friend Roderic announces that public libraries will be handing out bags of free books to all 4 and 5 year olds starting school this September, including ones on the theme of “being happy in themselves.” :roll_eyes:
I’m already looking forward to the twitter storm when a parent finds a title like ‘My Best Friend Is Trans’ in the bag…

Some Public Libraries were festooned with pride and trans flags over the Paddy’s weekend and no Irish flags to be seen.

“Irish” Public Libraries groom children.

Lest we forget the example of the UK libraries… :confounded: