The Wild West - does gun crime impact the market?

Clondalkin and Kimmage last night involved in gun related incidents.

It is no wonder those who can gravitate to the security of South Dublin. The rest of town appears to be going the way of the Wire or Love/Hate.

…and then there is the Red Line (that is the tallaght luas yes?).

Is Kimmage not Terenure borders - oh for shame.

The who state of affairs is worrying for those of us who don’t have to, but may choose, to live in Dublin. Is it that Ireland reports crime more or that it is more prevalent - don’t even start me on the rise in burglaries.

I wouldn’t imagine that much. People getting shot in dublin tend to not get shot free of charge. From what I can recall with all the gun crime in ireland in the last two decades there have only been two people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time (the rugby lad from limerick and the plumber in dublin)

Gun crime happens everywhere unfortunately from the rural backwaters to the urban quarters.

What would be affecting the prices in the like of kimmage etc would be the natives etc … higher proportion of track suited and pyjama wearing wildlife and all the associated social norms that exist in that environment.

A great way to keep prices down in your preferred area.

2014, the year desperate buyers turn vigilante.

Veronica Guerin, the lad from Limerick (Collins?). Seems like there has been a substantial rise in shootings this year.

Guerin and Collins I wouldn’t classify as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. they unfortunately were targeted by the scumbags for other reasons.

Clondalkin and Kimmage are both in south Dublin.

but not in SCD :nin like Clontarf is not on the Northside

what gun related incident in Kimmage?

is that you Ross? … 30431.html

I went sale agreed on a house in Kimmage in 2005.
Subsequently there was a shooting on the road, (non-fatal, drug related).
I pulled out of sale and did not buy.

I am in the process of closing on house purchase this year (9 years later, first time buyer)

So I reckon I dodged the bullet in 2005.

I reckon the vendor was not happy when I pulled out of sale in 2005.
But they subsequently sold it about 6 months later for 100k higher.

IMO low level scumbaggery is much more socially corrosive than the odd shooting.

The kimmage shooting location is basically SCD. It was right by the KCR adjacent to very expensive gaffs on the likes of fort field road. The viper foley was shot closby a few years ago, but that side of kimmage is pretty ok. I run through it all the tine, including that park where the shooting happened, without any incident of note. I wouldn’t let the incident put me off buying and I doubt it would impact prices. There was a separate shooting in terenure recently too.

I grew up close to where the clondalkin shooting happened, bawnogue is a right dump. 3 beds go for less than 175k.

This is very true. People might complain about Mount Merrion or Booterstown being, “dull” and “boring” but if you’re trying to bring up kids and hold down a decent job - they are the kind of places you’ll pay more to live in. (I know I did.)

Martin Cahill was shot dead by the ra in Ranelagh as I recall. Doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted the boom.

You’re paying for “social capital” (status) not avoidance of scumbaggery, though you might have convinced yourself otherwise.

I would have thought one goes with the other? Decent area = low scum quotient.

different type of scum perhaps?

Possibly, but the number of places considered “decent” by Pin standards would be substantially smaller than the number of places with acceptably low scum quotients.

Otherwise the majority of people in the Dublin area would be living in places overflowing with scumbags, and I don’t believe that to be true.