The Willows - Dunshaughlin, Surprising Delays

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Only spotted this thread today. Thread was started a month ago. This development along with the new one in Maynooth was flagged on this site a good while back.


In this day and age I would think it is madness to put put a deposit on a house in an unfinished estate. With so many horror stories of people living on ghost estates, with empty and half-built houses, I can’t see how this could have a happy ending??

Also, surely the buyers solicitor should have insisted on get out clauses and penalties for delays?

They must have - someone on the AAM thread mentioned getting their deposit back

Hmmm. The thread on boards has been deleted. :nin

I hadn’t seen the AAM thread before. Is that gone too?

A second thread about the same development has been resurrected. Will be interesting to see if it suffers the same fate … 2056002640 … 640&page=4

This has to be the newest ghost estate around as construction was going on until early last year and now no one lives there.

There is a place out in lusk (the forge or something like that) were they continued to build last year and i think there is 4/5 occupants out of 50+ houses. Pretty sad really.

I think they are still adding to waterville on the swords road near malahide despite the fact there is about 10 occupied properties for sale in the place.

Looks like it’s back on the market again. Issues must have been cleared up: … ath/363825

No sign of any drops in asking prices since they were last on the market last year from what I can see